So…. many…. changes….

Ok, I was intending to write a bit about the upcoming engineering changes this morning.

I even sat down to do it, but stuff just kept coming in.

Paid faction changes coming in the future.

More Engineering love than I have seen since I took up the trade in vanilla Wow.

Being able to fight old bosses as raid bosses. It has something to do with memories, but I don’t have a lot of data at the moment. Hogger, Onyxia, and Edward VanCleef were all mentioned however.

The idea that paid race changes are getting more and more likely occurs to me as well.

I worry that as the game changes more and more it will actually be less and less appealing to me (and possibly a few others, but I can only speak for myself.)


One thought occurs to me however. If changes like these are being announced in blue posts with all the fanfare of ordering a pizza for lunch, What in the world could they be sitting on as this years “Big Announcement” for Blizzcon?

A next generation MMO to start replacing Wow?

What the next expansion will be?

Who knows?


All I can do is order the live stream, take the day off work, watch,and wait.

Just like everyone else.