Naxx is srs bzns

A year ago I would have called it a Karathon.

A one night clear, likely with a few breaks, but a one night clear none the less.

This Friday I will be logging into my sorely neglected priest and seeing if I remember which buttons to push to make things happen. Actually I am not 100% sure right now whether I am going as holy or shadow. Pretty much the only thing I know for sure is that I will be mind controlling adds on the instructor fight, and for that I will be shadow for the hit rating.

I look forward to it, it should be a fun run.

One thing worries me though. I have not been running there much lately, to the point that I logged in to make sure I was repaired, had food and flasks, was not logged out in a cave at the far end of the world someplace, that sort of thing. I pulled up the guild roster and of 14 online only recognised two of the names.

They were in an instance, I didn’t bother them. Just did my prep work and logged back over to my death knight to do his JC daily.

Ok, actually a second thing worries me. I don’t think being included will be a problem this week, now that the guild leaders are done moving across the country. It was however an issue for the last month or so.

Actually it was one of the main reasons I started running on two separate servers.

There were a couple of times I made arrangements to raid, set aside time, gathered my consumables, read up on fights I had not yet seen, you know the drill. Each of those times I logged in only to be told I was not going. The raid was full…

Even though sitting on an unguilded bank toon a could see that later when they did go they were either 8 manning it or brought pugs with them to Uladar. Pugs before a guildie, loot before friendship.

Remember the kid that always got picked last in gym class?

Yep, I do to. It was not me back then, but it sure seemed like it for the last month.

In fact the only raid I have seen the inside of since May has been Molten Core with the Sidhe Devils… and it was more fun than I have had in quite a while.

As far as the direction I plan to take in the game I have a lot to think about. Will I keep splitting my time between servers? Will I pick one and abandon the other? Will I just say the hell with it and take up something different?

A lot of this depends on how Friday night goes.

This time at least, Naxx really is srs bzns.


Note: this has nothing to do with the guild leadership, nor does it reflect 95% of the folks in the guild. There were simply a few people acting like asshats while the leaders were offline moving across the country.