RL > WoW.

Friday I was all set to raid.

Flasks and food, candles and water. Repaired and parked at the summoning stone. I was as ready as could be. Just a few real life errands to run before settling in for the evenings run.

Then real life critted.

I took my dog to the vet to figure out why he had been acting wrong for the last little while.  I ended up getting news I neither wanted or really expected. He was sick… really sick. Chronically, incurably sick.

For his own benefit he had to be put to sleep.

I called in my family, they took their chance to say goodbye to their sick friend.

My wife and daughters left then, my son and I stayed. He was our friend, we had been with him for over a decade. He deserved better than taking that last journey alone.

That night was spent with family. Going through pictures and holding my kids as they cried.

I sent off a message to my raid leader  “I won’t be making it tonight, Rascal died today”. 

I honestly don’t know if the raid went off at all that night.

Honestly, i’m not sure I really care.