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Am I the only one that finds his play changed by patch 3.2 information?

I mean seriously, the changes allowing mounts as early as level 20 alone has changed which characters I play.   With the latest news of cold weather flight being available at level 68 (as long as you already have a level 80) it is just that much more pronounced.

I currently have three level 70 characters, two of which I plan to see join my pair of level 80’s. Neither one of those two has even basic flight skill as of yet. Right now I can’t help but look at them and think “leveling will be so much easier if I just wait till after the patch”.

So there they sit, waiting.


I started a shiny new Draeni mage alt yesterday. It is a lot more fun than I thought it would be actually. I managed to get him up to his 6th season without dying, then parked him for the night in the first Inn I came across. The playstyle seems interesting so far, but I am just kinda making it up as I go along. Yes mage bloggers, I will be bugging you for info later.

I wonder though, once my little mage hits level 20 will I get that feeling with him too? That “gee, if I wait till the patch I could have a mount already” feeling? Will I simply park him at an inn somewhere until the patch hits?

What will I do then?

Just log out and wait?


I suppose I could go into a holding pattern of doing profession dailies on those that have them and doing the Darnassus rep grind with my new mage. I hate, hate, hate the elephant mounts. I hate them with the burning passion of a thousand suns, none of my Dreani use one. I’ll get stuck with one though, at least for a while. There is no way I can get exalted with Darnassus before level 20.

I guess I could grind all the mats to level the new mage’s professions up, that could keep me occupied for a while. Actually grinding up all the cloth to powerlevel tailoring and enchanting would likely take a while. Not only that, but it would still be as time efficient now as  later.

Grind like a hundred stacks of each kind of cloth, that sounds fun.

I guess I could do that.

Or I could fish.

Or possibly watch end of the world doomsday shows on the Discovery Channel.

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  1. I may not be an alt person, but I am a numbers person. My outlook on this is something like this: “If I continue to play $ALT now and take the changes when they get here instead of waiting around for them, will I hit 80 faster than if I’d waited? If so, why wait?”

  2. @Rilgon Good point, I am looking more from the perspective of someone with very limited game time. I want to make the most efficent use of it possible.

    Grinding cloth for instance will take just as long now as later, yet the leveling will be faster later.

    Net result would (I think) be more efficent to grind first in this case. Plus I would be stockpiling rested XP on the alts.

  3. I know I have changed my way of playing since the mount info came out: my bank alt is stuck at lv19 and will go out to farm herbs only after getting the mount. My priest is still working for the Outlands, but as soon as the mount changes come, she’ll have a blast and get a flying mount… if my AH’s go well, she’ll get epic asap, too.

    but yes, 3.2 information has changed the way I play way more than the previous ones.

    C out

  4. As far as grinding cloth goes, yes it actually will be better for you to do it now because a lot of that tailoring gear is actually going to make your mage much more powerful while you’re leveling them as well. So if you can already get their profession leveled up, which at the same time upgrades all of their gear, then you will level faster both because of a mount and because of better gear.

    That also gives you a chance to go farm some of the Tailoring recipes as well, as some of the lower level tailoring recipes are really good robes and such with good Spell Power.


    Personally I’m leveling all of my alts up to around 20’ish. Some of them I’m taking farther, and just not making it a point to buy the mount at level 30. All of the classes I’m taking beyond 20 right now have some other form of speed increase (cat druid, shaman, hunter) so it’s not that big of an issue.

    I haven’t seen the announcement about CWF at 68 yet, but that would give me reason to actually buy my regular flying mount now I guess. Since you can’t use them in Northrend until 77 right now anyway, I just don’t even bother with flying until I get to that point. Lowering the level req on that though is definitely going to do wonders for getting me to purchase my flying training though. I might actually have to level my paladin again.

  5. On the same boat here too. Most of my chars are at a stage where the mount changes would benefit, and I’d rather not play over the summer holidays anyway, so it makes sense to just… well, not play. For now anyway. 😉

    I still log on for a chatter and to do my fishing/cooking dailies on my main, but for now that’s about it. Maybe I’ll play the AH for a few weeks again and see what I can make.

  6. Yay for the Mage!

    Don’t shelve it yet… sounds like your others have ll been shelved for the moment, so keep it going… then when you are burnt out (err Fire Mage joke there), you can go back to the others, returning when you are ready to squish again.

    There is a new Mage forum out there too…

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