Gearing a fresh 80 Hunter for Naxx, Updated for 3.1

Edit: I have written up another list, one that does not so much replace this one (it still works) but has a lot of updated gear for 3.2 and 3.3. It also mentions how I plan to use the new Looking for Dungeon feature to help me gear up quickly. It can be found HERE.

Some time back I wrote a couple of posts about how I went about gearing up my hunter as she hit 80. I also talked about how I went about getting her ready for Naxx without the need for endless badge farming, waiting for drops that may never happen, or grinding a pile of rep with anyone.

Well, I wrote those posts shortly after the release of WotLK. The information in them is still perfectly valid, and the gear will still work, but a lot has changed in the last couple of patches. I figured it was time to revisit and revise what I had written.

Before I get into what gear is out there and where it is hiding I want to talk about my philosophy of gearing. My first and foremost concern is Hit Rating. I can stack enough crit and attack power to hit like a freight train, but if I miss the target whats the point? Hitting the wall behind them like a freight train? I stack hit rating to the cap first, then work on everything else.

According to the best info I can dig up right now you have a 6% chance to miss in heroics and an 8% chance to miss in a raid. Also, I find that at level 80 you will need 32.8 hit rating to equal 1% hit percentage.

This turns out to be a hit rating of 196.8 (call it 197) for heroics and 262.4 (call it 263) for raiding. Unless you happen to be Dreanei like my hunters (or can count on always having one in your group), then you need 164 for heroics and 229.6 (call it 230) for raiding because of the 1% bonus to hit from the racial Heroic Presence.

As an added bonus, we can also makeup hit rating through the talent Careful Aim at tier one of the marksman tree.

It works out something like this.

Hit cap for raiding

  • Draenei with 0/3 careful aim 230
  • Draenei with 1/3 careful aim 197
  • Draenei with 2/3 careful aim 164
  • Draenei with 3/3 careful aim 131
  • Non Draenei with 0/3 careful aim 263
  • Non Draenei with 1/3 careful aim 230
  • Non Draenei with 2/3 careful aim 197
  • Non Draenei with 3/3 careful aim 164

Hit cap for heroics

  • Draenei with 0/3 careful aim 164
  • Draenei with 1/3 careful aim 131
  • Draenei with 2/3 careful aim 99
  • Draenei with 3/3 careful aim 66
  • Non Draenei with 0/3 careful aim 197
  • Non Draenei with 1/3 careful aim 164
  • Non Draenei with 2/3 careful aim 131
  • Non Draenei with 3/3 careful aim 99

So, first we are going to cap out our hit rating. Once we are done with that we can move on to attack power, agility, and critical strike rating. Another thing to keep in mind, this is written with the fresh 80 or soon to be 80 in mind. I am not going to list the best in slot items for each slot. If you want that you can hit up Elitist Jerks just like I can.

Even better, you could head over to Diaries of a Marksman Hunter where Nassira has already posted about the best in slot items – pre hard mode, and the best in slot items – hard mode, heroic.

In this post I am going to look for gear that is easy to come by, either through questing, BoE’s you may find in the auction house, and crafted items.  I will also look into items purchased with Wintergrasp marks or items that require reputation of revered or less to purchase. No badge rewards, no random drops unless they are Boe. For right now I am  just looking at what you could have on the moment you ding 80 or shortly thereafter.

Will you be pulling top Dps with this gear? Not so much, but you can put together a good starting kit here. Enough to go hunting without putting out less damage than the tank at least.

In a couple days (once I finish writing it up) I will post on gem and and enchantment choices, and talk about things like why I usually ignore socket bonuses.

Here is what I have come up with so far, listed in order by which I think is better in each slot:

Head 1 Titanforged Chain Helm of Triumph (40 wintergrasp marks of honor. PvP gear but that hit rating looks mighty tasty)

Head 2 Toothslice Helm (requires revered with the oracles)

Head 3  Swiftarrow Helm  (crafted Leatherworking)

Neck 1 Nymph heart charm (Boe from Uludar, and a nice one too)

Neck 2 Titanium impact choker (crafted Jewelcrafting)

Neck 3  Choker of the Betrayer  (quest reward from Betrayal in Zul’Drak)

Shoulder 1 Virulent spaulders (crafted Leatherworking)

Shoulder 2 Spaulders of the Black Arrow (requires revered with the Ebon Blade, but so does the WotLK dps  head enchant)

Chest 1 Titanforged chain armor of Triumph (40 Wintergrasp marks of honor, yes more Pvp gear.)

Chest 2  Razorstrike Breastplate (crafted Leatherworking)

Back 1 Shawl of the shattered giant (Boe drop from Uludar, may show up in the AH)

Back 2  Ice Striker’s Cloak (crafted Leatherworking)

Wrist 1 Bracers of the smothering Inferno (Boe from Razorscale, might show up in AH)

Wrist 2 Armguard of the tower archer (Boe bought with emblems of valor , you can pick these up in the AH. After the 3.2 badge changes they should be even cheaper)

Wrist 3 Slime Stream bands (another Naxx Boe that can be found in the AH)

Wrist 4  Eaglebane Bracers  (crafted Leatherworking)

Hands Rusted-link Spiked Gauntlets (BoE drop from Naxx, found in the AH)

Waist 1 Belt of Dragons (crafted leatherworking)

Waist 2 Torn Web Wrapping (Boe brop from Naxx)

Waist 3 Titanforged waistguard of Triumph (15 Wintergrasp marks of honor. Yes I know, Wintergrasp again)

Waist 4  Belt of Tasseled Lanterns (BoE world drop)

No matter what waist you end up with make sure it gets an Eternal Belt Buckle for the extra gem slot.

Legs 1 Darkcore Leggings (Boe From Heroic Ulduar. Current best in slot item, good luck finding someone selling one)

Legs 2  Giantmaim Leggards (crafted Leatherworking)

Feet 1 Titanforged Sabatons of Triumph (15 wintergrasp marks of honor. PvP gear, but look at all that hit rating.)

Feet 2  Dragonstompers (crafted Leatherworking)

Trinket 1 Darkmoon card: Greatness (from the darkmoon faire Nobles deck)

Trinket 2 Titanforged rune of accuracy (25 wintergrasp marks of honor)

Trinket 3 Titan forged rune of determination (25 wintergrasp marks of honor)

Trinket 4 Fezzik’s Pocketwatch (quest reward from The Last Line of Defense in Icecrown)

Trinket 5 First Mates Pocketwatch  (quest reward from The jig is up in Howling Fjord)

Ring 1 Surge needle ring (Boe from Eye of eternity)

Ring 2 Titanium impact band (crafted Jewelcrafting)

Ring 3 Ring of Scarlet Shadows (crafted Jewelcrafting)

Ring 4 Stained glass shard ring (Boe world drop)


Ring 5   Signet of Bridenbrad (quest reward from Light within the darkness in Icecrown)

Ring 6 Ring of Indignant rage (quest reward from The assassination of Herold Lane in Borean Tundra)

Ranged Nesingwary 4000 (crafted Engineering, I know it’s expensive but it is worth it. Also don’t forget your Ammo. “Mammoth Cutters, when you care enough to send the very best”)

Melee one hander 1  Dual wield builds should like this Namlak’s supernumary sticker  (Boe world drop)

Melee one hander 2 Dual wielders will like this as well Avool’s Sword of Jin  (Boe world drop)

Melee one hander 3  Yet another dual wield option is Broken Stelactites. (Requires revered with the Sons of Bitches Hodir, but the shoulder enchant comes from them too.)

Melee one hander 4 Daggar of the rising Moon  (25 champions seals)

Melee one hander 5 Spinal destroyer  (25 champions seals)

Melee one hander 6 Fang of truth  (Wyrmrest accord – Honored)

Melee two hander 1 Runeblade of demonstrable power  (Revered with the Knights of the Ebon Blade is required)

Melee two hander 2 Whale stick Harpoon  (Requires Kalu’ak revered)

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  3. Thanks for the post! I just got back into WoW, but with the XP in BGs, I went through the 80s pretty quickly. I should be 80 by the weekend, so this will help!

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