Vague questions with vague answers

They say that kids say the darnedest things, as a dad I can tell you that’s true. Then again Google is not a kid, but it has found my site for the oddest of reasons. Some are certainly not related to the content of the site. For instance querys relating to “loving” your pets.

Yes, that way….

Maybe that comes from all the posts I have written about Hunter pets. It might come from writing about my dogs (although I think I only ever mentioned them when I posted about Rascal passing away)

Not really sure, but if thats what your looking for it’s not to be found here.


Now here are a few that actually do relate to the content of the site. Some I hope found their answer in the archives, some I will try and answer now. Here are a couple of the more popular.


Level Engineering shopping list.

Well, the way I went about it can be found here. As always, your mileage may vary. I was mostly concerned with leveling as cheaply as possible. If I would have had an enchanter on the same server at the same time I would likely have crafted more greens for disenchanting as opposed to whatever was the cheapest for vendoring.


80 Hunter hit ring

I assume you are looking for ones that are easy to come by.  Well, a few easy choices are the  Signet of Bridenbrad  from the quest Light within the darkness in Icecrown, assuming you have not done the quest and gotten rid of it. Other choices include the Titanium impact band  and the Ring of Scarlet Shadows  which are both crafted by Jewelcrafting.

If you look at all three you will see a common thread, a socket. It is a lot easier to find a socket than it is straight hit rating. There are also rings with the random enchant <of precision>, those will have a bit of hit rating on them as well.

Just be advised you cant grab (for instance) an <of precision> and an <of the marksman> or <of the bandit> and be able to equip them together. Even though the random part of the enchant is different they are still unique-equipped by the entire class of ring, not by the random factor.


Hate grinding rep

Well, I am not really sure what the question was. Apparently I have bitched about rep grinds enough that even Google knows I hate it. That’s kinda nice that they noticed.

There is not much I can say other than pull up a chair, you are amongst friends here.

Rep grinds are like a moon rocket fueled by liquid fail.


How much ammo for Naxx?

Good question. Well, I never really paid attention to how much I use on a single run. My solution has always been to carry lots. Particularly since ammo can stack to 1000 now I see no reason to carry less than 6000 rounds at any given time. It does not hurt to carry extra…. losing out on a bag slot or ten is nothing compared to the noob feeling of hearthing for ammo in the middle of a run because you ran dry.

Actually right now I am carrying five stacks of vendor bought ammo for general questing and 4 stacks of Mammoth Cutters for raiding. Another thing to remember, always shoot the best you can get your hands on.

“Mammoth Cutters…. when you care enough to send the very best” (down range)


Is my Hunter ready for Naxx.

Well, I would be glad to take a peek and offer suggestions.  Its hard to tell much without armory links though.  

Is your hit rating up to snuff? What about your other stats? How good are you at playing your hunter? What kind of Dps can you put out on a training dummy? Can you not stand in the <insert evil floor graphic here>? Is your Hunter at least wearing pants?

If you want me to take a look shoot me an email to the address on my “about me” page. I would be glad to help any way I can.

I may blog about it though, names withheld of course.


There are a few other random terms that keep showing up, and I am not sure why. What does my site have to do with Mayan temples for instance?

Bah, who knows.