Just give up already

Just a heads up for those it applies to,

I don’t care whether you are trying to advertise “daddy’s little helper” little blue pills or pyramid schemes.

I don’t care if your social networking site is the greatest thing since oxygen.

I don’t think my readers need to know how to make┬átheir hooters bigger, or┬átheir johnsons for that matter.

I don’t even care if you have a nice comment with hidden hyperlinks that I am not stupid enough to follow.

I do not, and never will advertise on this site.

Not for myself, not for friends, and certainly not for Internet leeches.

Quit filling my inbox with your crap, your wasting my time.

Even typing this out is more than you deserve,

It’s five minutes of my life I will never get back.

Just give up already… Go away.