Just give up already

Just a heads up for those it applies to,

I don’t care whether you are trying to advertise “daddy’s little helper” little blue pills or pyramid schemes.

I don’t care if your social networking site is the greatest thing since oxygen.

I don’t think my readers need to know how to make their hooters bigger, or their johnsons for that matter.

I don’t even care if you have a nice comment with hidden hyperlinks that I am not stupid enough to follow.

I do not, and never will advertise on this site.

Not for myself, not for friends, and certainly not for Internet leeches.

Quit filling my inbox with your crap, your wasting my time.

Even typing this out is more than you deserve,

It’s five minutes of my life I will never get back.

Just give up already… Go away.

4 Responses

  1. That’s right! U tell those spammers what for! If u check my twitter (/********) from saturday, I posted a pretty interesting phenomena regarding wow gold spammers. Musta been done with bots, but a raid was done on SW, and bunch of lvl 1’s with random “dffrreojnjl” type names were left lying on the cobble street in a formation spelling out the gold spammers website. I uploaded a screencap of it if anyone wants to see it, my twitter post links to it. It was almost creative, but I don’t want to give spammers that much credit. At the risk of giving them exposure, it is still pretty impressive the lengths to which they go to get advertising out there.

    edit: Removed your twitter link so folks could not follow it to the goldseller pics (I added you though)

  2. Visit Frost is the New black for miracle DPS growth pills! Take one each day, and watch your e-peen swell up to fantastic numbers that even your lover will enjoy!

    XD just had to…

  3. I was gonna do the fake add thing, but was beat to it.


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