What would you ask?

Lets just say you go out to lunch. I am assuming most of us go out at least once in a while.

Now just because it’s my blog and I can lets assume that there is only one open table at Mc’burger Bell and you take it. The next guy in line grabs his chow, looks around the room, and asks if you mind him taking the remaining seat at the table.

Granted, you don’t know the guy, but it is only polite to say yes. After all, it beats standing right?

Now we are going to really stretch things and say that while you both munch on your heart attack in a box you chat. Nothing major mind you, just about the weather, the relative grease content of the burgers, the excessive (or missing) salt on the fries, that kinda thing. 

You pull out your I-phone to run a quick armory and next thing you hear is “Horde or Alliance?”

Going back and forth for a bit you find that you both share an interest in the game. Not unusual, after all there are millions of us that play. You chat about your favorite toons, about the latest round of buffs and nerfs, that sort of thing. Well, as you both get up to head back to wherever it is you need to be, the gentleman asks a question. 

If you could make any one suggestion to one of the games developers what would it be?

Why you ask?

Because you just ate lunch with one of them.


I can think of several things right off the top of my head.

How about a paid between server mail service? Say, $10 and you can mail a 22 slot bag full of whatever and any cash you chose to send (same limits as can be on a toon at transfer) to an alt you were starting on the same account on another server or another faction.

One feature is already in game and the other is coming “soon” with faction switching. It would simply let you do the job without having to move an existing character or level a new one up to 10 as a mule. Hell, even put the same 3 day cooldown on it that character transfers will soon have.


Another interesting one would be allowing trial account members to accept a guild invitation. It would be nice to allow them to see that social aspect of the game before committing to buying it.

A limitation that would disallow access to the guild bank would protect guilds, and also keep from it being used as a work around to the ban giving trials something like bags or starter cash.


What about you folks? What would you suggest?