What would you ask?

Lets just say you go out to lunch. I am assuming most of us go out at least once in a while.

Now just because it’s my blog and I can lets assume that there is only one open table at Mc’burger Bell and you take it. The next guy in line grabs his chow, looks around the room, and asks if you mind him taking the remaining seat at the table.

Granted, you don’t know the guy, but it is only polite to say yes. After all, it beats standing right?

Now we are going to really stretch things and say that while you both munch on your heart attack in a box you chat. Nothing major mind you, just about the weather, the relative grease content of the burgers, the excessive (or missing) salt on the fries, that kinda thing. 

You pull out your I-phone to run a quick armory and next thing you hear is “Horde or Alliance?”

Going back and forth for a bit you find that you both share an interest in the game. Not unusual, after all there are millions of us that play. You chat about your favorite toons, about the latest round of buffs and nerfs, that sort of thing. Well, as you both get up to head back to wherever it is you need to be, the gentleman asks a question. 

If you could make any one suggestion to one of the games developers what would it be?

Why you ask?

Because you just ate lunch with one of them.


I can think of several things right off the top of my head.

How about a paid between server mail service? Say, $10 and you can mail a 22 slot bag full of whatever and any cash you chose to send (same limits as can be on a toon at transfer) to an alt you were starting on the same account on another server or another faction.

One feature is already in game and the other is coming “soon” with faction switching. It would simply let you do the job without having to move an existing character or level a new one up to 10 as a mule. Hell, even put the same 3 day cooldown on it that character transfers will soon have.


Another interesting one would be allowing trial account members to accept a guild invitation. It would be nice to allow them to see that social aspect of the game before committing to buying it.

A limitation that would disallow access to the guild bank would protect guilds, and also keep from it being used as a work around to the ban giving trials something like bags or starter cash.


What about you folks? What would you suggest?

10 Responses

  1. Getting rid of the disparity between PvE & PvP specs. Make them both viable (within given talent points, of course) but get rid of the situation I’ve come across a lot: “What’s your spec?” “Subtlety” “LOL”. Since Sub’s considered a PvP spec, it’s tough to pug raids at times, even if it has plenty of PvE aspects to it.

    • @Arrens

      Actually I think they did a pretty good job with the DK trees on spreading the love out as it were.

      I would not look for a complete redesign of all the other classes, but I will be shocked if the next gen MMO is not set up in a much more balanced way.

  2. Egads, that was an incredible set up. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you are a GREAT writer!

    Since we’re pie-in-the-skying here, I would love. Love love love. Love love. Love. To have my quests and actions actually stay reflected in the world. Help the farmers fight back the zombies? They start growing crops. Help a man get over the loss of his wife? You see him move on and maybe start a family. Kill all the pigs in an area? No more pigs come back and other animals start dying off because of the food chain. You can trap more pigs from another area to repopulate.

    That’s never going to happen, mind you. Your suggestions are actually doable, whereas mine isn’t even feasible.

    Still. It’d be nice to see an effect.

    • @Tami

      Thank you very much for the compliment.

      The limitations of having your actions fundamentaly change the game world for everyone are just too severe. On the other hand your did get your wish in a way, the phasing techniques used in Wrath (the DK starting zone and the Wrathgate questline in particular) show that they are working towards something similar to it.

      I wonder if the next generation MMO will have a lot more phasing in it? It does make you think.

  3. Nice post. As a player who can sometimes raid with 24 other people for hours, sometimes solo content, and run with parties of all sizes in-between… I’d like instances (including raids) to automatically tune to the number of people in the party… even if the person is running solo.

  4. I like both of your ideas. I rolled an Alliance paladin on a friend’s server. The friend is providing me with everything, but it’d be nice if I could boost my own lowbie.

  5. I think Molsan’s idea is the best of all. And I think it should “reverse” adjust difficulty as well…if you are a lvl 60 and enter the deadmines, the lvls of the mobs (and drops) should increase as well.

  6. I need to get down to Irvine for lunch more often..

    Anyway, I would say they need to work on reintroducing class-specific content again. Like the paladin, lock and druid mount quests, and the old hunter ‘Rok questline. There need to be content that has significance on it’s own outside of raiding achievements.

  7. I would ask how their build system is set up. Can they run local builds on a single developer’s machine, or so they use an internal test cluster for ongoing development? Or both? What do they use for source control? Is their art under source control? How about design data? Do they run continual builds, or run them nightly, or are they manual? Does their QA do checklist testing, feature testing, or both for each build?

  8. @Molsan & Gnomemor

    I agree with that one. My favorite all time instance is Wailing Caverns. I would love it if they had it scale by level.

    Hell, I plan to level a toon up to the mid 20’s and turn his XP off just so I can have a level appropriate character to run that instance with.

    I don’t think the tech would support it on the back end (I don’t know for sure)but hey, A guy can dream right?


    I would love to see this also. Every class should have a few more lore specific quests. Not even necessarily at endgame but as you level as well.

    Simply changing the Hunter bow to scale with level like the BOA gear does would bring a lot of interest back to it for instance. Just have it equivelant to a good blue of the characters current level.

    I don’t know exactly how to go about it, but this kinda thing could be done.


    An interesting set of questions to be sure. It really would be interesting to know what the process looks like from the other side.

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