The same only different

There was a time, not long ago, that I started a bit of an experiment.

Leveling two mages, one as Frost, one as Fire. What would be better?

Two mages, two servers, two different races, two different ways of  going about the same thing.



Dech mage

 Hailing from the distant city of Gnomerragan Dech likes long walks on the beach, extremely spicy chili, and killing things with fire.

He is a cantankerous old gnome with a habit of yelling “Get off my Lawn!” to any kids that run past. Probably goes a long way to explaining why he is still single.


Dechion mage


 Freshly awoken from cryogenic slumber Dechion has found he has a certain “affinity” for the chill of frost. He knows first hand what it’s like to feel life slipping away as the numbness takes hold. He takes that pain and channels it into his enemies, and of those there are many.

Friends? not so much. As far as he has seen none survived the crash. So for now he wanders, a stranger in a strange land. Trying to find a place in the world in which he has found himself.



Having played both a Gnome and a Draeni for a bit I have noticed that I picked the right races for the two specs.

Dech is (even now with no talent points) all about burning down his enemies as quickly as possible. Generally sticking to single targets or sheep-pulling doubles he simply burns them down before they can kill him. The extra Intellect he gets from his racial helps out a bit with keeping his mana bar blue while he is doing that.

Dechion on the other hand is a bit more methodical in his approach. He does not have quite as much mana to play with. Since everything he uses tends to slow his enemies by default he tends to use a bit less crowd control. He is also not quite as afraid of getting in over his head, the Gift of the Naaru healing racial has bailed him out more than once. It really helps to be able to Hot yourself up when the shit hits the fan.

Overall I find that so far they are just about even, although the playstyles are a bit different.

I  find that having the ability to heal yourself is huge. Both of these toons are leveling as tailor/enchanters because I can supply all their mats from their sponsoring level 80’s. If I was leveling for any other reason than this experiment though, I would certainly take herbalism for its heal over time. Actually I would likely level skinning/herbing for the heal and the cash.

My opinion so far?

Too close to call, they are both fun in different ways.

The same, only different.

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