Hunterus interuptus

Just a quick note to anyone who follows this site that Diaries of a Marksman Hunter is down for a bit of “unscheduled maintenance”

As in her provider did something silly and her blog don’t work right now.

It’s coming back though.. Honest.

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the update!! Just to clarify, it was ME who did something silly, and Dreamhost is just trying to fix it for me, so they’re wonderful and I suck. =(

    Thanks again ❤

  2. Sounds very Goblinish.

  3. Sorry, the last comment is in the wrong thread.

    • unfortunately I dont have the ability to move it. One would think the blog software would allow that….

      Anyhow, thanks for the comment. (and yes it is quite goblinish)

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