Perhaps I am simply insane.

I have this idea.

It involves both making money, saving money, and as far as I can tell a lot of running around.



On one server that I play on I have two 70+ characters. I have a 70 death knight with nearly maxed jewelcrafting and high 300’s mining. I also have an 80 hunter with engineering and mining, both maxed.

I used mining to max out both the other professions, but find that once leveled the materials needed actually drop a lot. Mining for ore for instance simply does not happen for me unless I stumble across it. It just is not cost effective.

For instance, I woke up early Saturday (an accident I assure you) and decided to do a bit of mining. I flew about in both Sholazar and Icecrown for a total of about two hours. The end result was 12 stacks of Saronite ore and a half stack of Titanium, something like 400G worth of stuff on my server.

400G. I made more than that during the 15 minutes I sat on my bank alt in Ironforge.

 I realised then that using the gathering profession to level the production one worked well for me. I also thought that afterwards it would be more effective to just buy the raw materials than spend the time gathering them.

So I took a good look at my professions.

Jewelcrafting both makes me money and provides the benefit of JC only gems. It’s a keeper.

Engineering is fun, makes me a little money through the sale of scopes and ammo, and allows me to gather gas clouds as well. Free eternals makes my day. Plus the added features like being able to rez people after a wipe make it worth keeping.

Mining though, mining has to go. If I am not using it it’s a waste. I suppose I could sell my Titansteel cooldown, but that’s 10 – 15 gold a day. not really what I am looking for.

Looking at what goes well with the professions I already have, and what I already know are good bread winners, I am thinking I might want to pick up either Alchemy or Inscription. Of course I will need Herbalism to go with it. Like I said, I need the gathering skill to level the production skill.

Here’s the question, why keep the Herbalisim afterward? I am getting rid of Mining after all that farming to level it, what makes Herbing any different?


I can take my 80 hunter and drop her mining in favor of herbing. I could then farm up enough herbs to level Inscription in place of the Mining that is on my death knight.

Once I am done with that I could gather enough herbs to level Alchemy from the ground up, drop my (probably) max level Herbalism and level Alchemy in it’s place.

My only problem? From that point on I would be dependant on the Action house for all my raw materials.

On the plus side I should be able to make enough money that it won’t be a problem.

Or perhaps I am just insane.