Perhaps I am simply insane.

I have this idea.

It involves both making money, saving money, and as far as I can tell a lot of running around.



On one server that I play on I have two 70+ characters. I have a 70 death knight with nearly maxed jewelcrafting and high 300’s mining. I also have an 80 hunter with engineering and mining, both maxed.

I used mining to max out both the other professions, but find that once leveled the materials needed actually drop a lot. Mining for ore for instance simply does not happen for me unless I stumble across it. It just is not cost effective.

For instance, I woke up early Saturday (an accident I assure you) and decided to do a bit of mining. I flew about in both Sholazar and Icecrown for a total of about two hours. The end result was 12 stacks of Saronite ore and a half stack of Titanium, something like 400G worth of stuff on my server.

400G. I made more than that during the 15 minutes I sat on my bank alt in Ironforge.

 I realised then that using the gathering profession to level the production one worked well for me. I also thought that afterwards it would be more effective to just buy the raw materials than spend the time gathering them.

So I took a good look at my professions.

Jewelcrafting both makes me money and provides the benefit of JC only gems. It’s a keeper.

Engineering is fun, makes me a little money through the sale of scopes and ammo, and allows me to gather gas clouds as well. Free eternals makes my day. Plus the added features like being able to rez people after a wipe make it worth keeping.

Mining though, mining has to go. If I am not using it it’s a waste. I suppose I could sell my Titansteel cooldown, but that’s 10 – 15 gold a day. not really what I am looking for.

Looking at what goes well with the professions I already have, and what I already know are good bread winners, I am thinking I might want to pick up either Alchemy or Inscription. Of course I will need Herbalism to go with it. Like I said, I need the gathering skill to level the production skill.

Here’s the question, why keep the Herbalisim afterward? I am getting rid of Mining after all that farming to level it, what makes Herbing any different?


I can take my 80 hunter and drop her mining in favor of herbing. I could then farm up enough herbs to level Inscription in place of the Mining that is on my death knight.

Once I am done with that I could gather enough herbs to level Alchemy from the ground up, drop my (probably) max level Herbalism and level Alchemy in it’s place.

My only problem? From that point on I would be dependant on the Action house for all my raw materials.

On the plus side I should be able to make enough money that it won’t be a problem.

Or perhaps I am just insane.

12 Responses

  1. Certifiable, yes. 😉
    The question is, are these just farming/profession toons for you and not something you actively do other things (PvE/PvP) with? If so, the increased Stamina from mining isn’t a bad thing. Nor is the little self-healing one gets from herbalism.

  2. Inscription takes a lot of mats and even more time. You have 2, 20-hour cooldowns that you are reliant on for the vast majority of what you can do. It will make you some decent gold while leveling it, but you’ve got to spend the time doing the research to get all the glyphs, and if you don’t find the ones that people are buying then it just sucks to be you.

    Herbalism’s benefit is it’s HoT. If you’re playing a hunter and you’re never getting hit by anything, then there’s not much reason to keep it. Having leveled a character to 450 Herb/450 Inscription though, I can tell you from personal experience that trying to make glyphs without being able to farm your own mats sucks. It’s not just a “buy 3 of herb A, 2 of herb B, and we’re good” kind of profession. You have to buy 5 stacks of the same herb each time, mill them down, and hope that you get the pigments you need and the qty of those pigments that you need as well.

    I don’t have a high level Alchemist, so I can’t say a whole lot for it. It can make you some gold, especially if you’re on a raid-heavy server, but most of what you make while leveling it up sells for crap.

    Where a 75 ranks of Inscription had already made me over 700g, I’ve gotten less from 225 Alchemy throughout it’s entire leveling process. People don’t give a crap about low level alchemy items (for the most part), but even the low level glyphs are used throughout the game.

  3. @Arrens

    The Death Knight is very much an alt. So much so that I am not sure I will take her to 80. The Hunter on the other hand is as much of a “main” as I have anymore.

    With her I would likely take skinning of all the gathering bonuses, extra crit is yummy.


    For the most part I agree about inscription, having leveled it to 450 on another server. I did find that by routinely picking up stacks of herbs whenever I saw them under 20g a stack I made goos cash even with a limited quantity of patterns.

    Then came dual specs and the bottom dropped out of the glyph market.

    As far as Alchemy goes, I have never leveled it, but I think that’s actually the most likely route to go. I can save on consumables as well as make cash. Also the new gem transmutes will fit well with Jewelcrafting.

    It’s almost enough to make me want to keep mining along with picking up alchemy. Hell if I had a decent helm (damn you RNG)I would just drop engineering for alchemy. Engineering is a money pit.

  4. You saw the glyph market drop after dual specs!? I saw it multiply on both of my main servers. The glyph market is still pushing on just as strong as ever.

    I’ve got a 450 on my old server and a 300 on my new server (currently level capped), and the market is still huge on both.

    Just because people can now have 2 specs doesn’t mean they don’t change glyphs, that they don’t respec, or that new characters aren’t being rolled. No matter what kind of rumors and speculation have gone around concerning glyphs and dual specs I have only seen the demand for glyphs go up. Until last week I had three herbalists just to keep a constant supply of mats. Now I’m down to 2 herbalists and sharing mats between Insc and Alch on the two characters respectively.

  5. @Psynister

    On the one server I have an inscriptionist on currently I saw the market surge right after 3.1 and then drop off a lot after about a week.

    I went from making about 2k gold a week to maybe 800g a week. Maybe the glyph market has come back, I have not played that toon in a month or so.

  6. Maybe we’ll have to chalk it up to economy. /shrug

    I saw a huge boom after 3.1 of course, but the only dying down I saw after that was the natural effect of a boom ending. Everyone rushed out to spend 20g on a glyph that would have sold for 48s the day before, and they were selling like hotcakes. After a few weeks of everyone running around crazy it dropped back down, but for me it fell above where it was before.

    The only real change I have seen in the glyph market is that I don’t have the same guy buying 5-6 copies of the same glyph each where, where before I had repeat customers that just brought me their mats on a daily or weekly basis.

  7. Sounds like a hot ticket, not insanity. I’ve read in a number of “how to make lots of gold in wow” guides that professions are set up so lower level gatherers supply mats for higher lvl crafters who pay top gold for mats and expect top gold for endgame crafted items. So, in an ideal setting that’s how it should work. I’m thinking about ditching mining on my 80 and going for engineering simply for that badass chopper. /drool! Anyway, sounds like ur on to something to me.

  8. @Joshgeek

    Just a heads up, the choppers are BoE.

    They are also crazy expensive, but yep they sure look cool.

  9. They aren’t nearly as expensive if you take the time to farm all the mats yourself, but they’re still not cheap.

  10. If the hunter will be your main in 3.2, then drop mining and pick up JC on him.

    I have an 80 pally and 80 hunter, with JC/BS and Eng/mining on them. Having Eng/mining works well for combined gathering.

    I wouldn’t keep mining on 2 toons, and with the epic gems coming, I wouldn’t want to be completely reliant on the AH for my toons. I’d keep mining on your hunter until your DK is leveled, then go JC.

    I would only become a scribe if you are planning on doing glyph production a.k.a. the Greedy Goblin.

  11. I’m about to do something similar with my tradeskills.

    My main is a Paladin with Herb / Alchemy.
    My alt is a Druid with Herb / Inscription.

    Once you’ve collected herbs with Swift Flight Form, you’ll never EVER want to collect them the old way.

    So I’ve decided to drop Herbs and pickup something else. Looking at my existing characters I have:

    440+ Engineering / Mining
    400 Blacksmithing / Mining
    440+ Tailoring / 425+ Enchanting

    JC makes the most sense. I don’t have it on any character, PLUS it can be profitable, PLUS it melds well with Alchemy, PLUS it will provide easy gems for my other characters.

    On the other hand, it would make my Paladin dependant on my Druid for Herbs and my Mage for Ore. And something about that really scares me away from the idea.

  12. “400G. I made more than that during the 15 minutes I sat on my bank alt in Ironforge.”

    I think it makes a lot of sense to drop gathering professions.

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