I have a feeling

I have this nagging feeling that patch 3.2 is going to go live a week from today.

Now I could sit and complain about things, or look forward to the good changes. Actually I am doing both. I could just take a week off and come back to see if I’m right. I could just keep on keepin on and see what happens.

Whatever I do one thing is certain. By the time it does I want all my professions in order (see yesterdays post).

That means I have a metric assload of herbs to farm in the next couple days.

I’m not even going to bother figuring out what I need to level each skill. I will put inscription on my DK and send her enough to skill up, at least to the point she gets northrend inscription research. Then I will just farm a crate* of everything on my way up and bank it towards Alchemy. Hopefully that will be enough.

Anyhow, it’s off to the races.


*note: I call 12 stacks of something a crate, because that’s how it looks in my mailbox.