Too much, for too long, with too little.

I sat back and did some reflecting over the last few days. As it applies here I took a look at what I was doing in the World of Warcraft. I looked at what about the game I enjoy, what I don’t, and how I go about getting where I want to be.

Well, I have not been online much at all, and when I am it’s generally to knock out my profession dailies and log back off. Since I don’t have much warcrafty to talk about today you folks get kinda stuck with my ruminations.

Seriously, if you have no desire to see what bounces around in my head when i am over tired, cranky, and have been sitting alone in a deserted workshop praying for something to break just to relieve the boredom you should leave now.

Still here? Im touched, really I am. I still say you really should do something more entertaining though, like listening to Sidhe Devils Gone Wild, wherin several far more entertaining folks than I chat about Wow.

Still reading? Well here are a few of my scattered thoughts, don’t say you weren’t warned.

I enjoy the leveling process, as long as I am not rushed with it. Tinkering around with alts can be a welcome diversion. In fact it’s probably my favorite part of the game.

I enjoy running instances, particularly on my Hunters (I have 3 at 70 or higher). I really should just stick to instancing with them before I forget how to.

I like playing with professions, both to make money and to make things I can use. I think I have had every profession other than Alchemy at max level at one time or another.

I don’t like pushing myself to level “because I have to”. I particularly like it when I have flight available, it’s like a pause button for Wow.

I don’t care much for PvP, particularly arena PvP. (although the occasional Wintergrasp is fun) I am not knocking those who like it, It simply is not my thing.

I absolutely positively without question despise daily questing, although I do three a day, nearly every day.

Rep grinds were made by the developer in charge of pissing me off. He does good work and deserves a raise. By the time I am exaulted with a faction I want to kill them all.  I’m looking at you Sons of bitches Hodir, I’m long done being your bitch. You can go thrust your own f*%#ing spear and polish your own f*%#ing helmet now, just remember to towel off when you’re done.

Trying to do too much, on too many toons, with not enough time is a great recipe for burn out. Actually not so much burned out as worn out. I’m just tired, tired of grinding endlessly just so I can get to the next level of grind.

I don’t know how it happened but logging in just to say hello and goof off for a bit turned into a list of “must do” things every day. It turned into a second (albit very part time) job. Even now I find myself thinking about rearranging my professions to make more sense (and more money).

The point of this, at least for me, is that I am spread too thin. I only have so much time to play, and can only do so much with that time.

I try to do everything end up doing nothing.

I really need to pick one thing and stick with it for a while, just so I can see some progress. I think i’ll pick one toon and stay there for a while.

Otherwise I am just going to get spread so thin I’ll simply stop being there.