Just like the three stooges, but there’s only one of me

It happened again this weekend.

I had one of my (patent pending) wonderful ideas. The kind that make those who know me roll their eyes and wait for it to go away.

The idea was simple, in the next patch Shaman will get their travel form at level 16. Oddly enough that is exactly high enough to talent into improved ghost wolf. How cool would it be to level one up to 16 as my banker toon? Extra fast running around the bank/mailbox/auction house circuit without having to mount and dismount.

Sounds reasonable right?

So here I am bumbling my way through the starting zones, the only saving grace being that I know the quests.  

Funny thing is I found that I like the playstyle.

It plays a lot like my Druid, at least at the levels I have made it to. Well, there is no shape shifting, but similar.

I can do ranged damage and pulling, heal myself on the go, and bash things in the head with a big honking mace.

I particularly like the last part.

This is a banker that may actually get some playtime.