Why I love being a healer

So, as I said yesterday I have started leveling a Shaman.

I found that I really am enjoying the playstyle, I might just end up with a banker a bit higher than level 16. Thinking more on it I am pretty sure it’s because I actually enjoy healing. I know that this toon has the capability of being a healer and I do miss that.

It kinda got me to thinking about the time I spent with my last healer. The raids, the saves, the 1% wipes. It also got me thinking about one of the first heroics I ever healed.

Sometimes being the healer is far more fun than it should be, this was one of those times.

Fade back many moons ago, all the way back to the Burning Crusade…. 

Once upon a time I was in Zangermarsh farming on my priest. Have I mentioned how much I hate farming?

Just grinding the same mobs over and over to pick up the 832 motes of primal boredom to finish crafting all my epics was enough to make my eyes bleed. I killed so many of those damn bog lords I started to get blamed for global warming. Seriously, I ground out three full levels soloing those damn things to gather all the primal life I needed for the gear and enchants.

Anyhow, here I am farming my little shadow priestly butt off in Zangermarsh when I had what I would later look back on as a classic asshat experience. A rogue comes along, I can’t recall his name so I’ll just call him “Asshat”, it’s easier that way.

Anyhow Asshat comes along and and starts grinding the same bog lords i’m going after. I think “well I was here first, but we can share the area, it’s only two of us”. Now this was back before dotting up something tagged it for you (great change if you ask me). So I start off, dot, dot, grey! dammit he tagged it before my first dot ticked. I hate it when that happens.

When this happened to the second or third mob in a row I politely whispered him and asked him not to do this, the area has more than enough for both of us. He didn’t bother responding. Well in a way he did.

He decided to wait till I was in combat and train five or six mobs onto me, then vanish. Much pointing, laughing, and spitting on my body ensued after this. I decided not to play with kids and went to farm somewhere else, but I remembered……

Fast forward about a month, the mid 60’s have given way to 70.

Shadow has given way to holy.

One Saturday morning I had a few hours to kill, none of my friends were online and I despise dailies. I was about to log off after running laps around Shatt for a while when out of the blue I get a whisper. A well geared 70 prot warrior has a full group in need of heals, would I be interested in shattered halls?

He tells me it’s mostly a guild run, only myself and one pugged dps. I think for a moment and decide “what the hell, why not”. I join group, start flying into hellfire, and log into the provided vent server. I say my hello’s and such as I start looking over the group I am planning to heal.

Take a wild guess who the other pug is. Go ahead I’ll wait.

Wow, you’re good. You guessed Asshat the first time out.

I whisper the Warrior with the short version of the story, he offers to boot Asshat for, well, being an asshat. I suggest a different approach, and proceed to comparing notes with the three of them. Since Asshats mommy won’t let him install vent he hears none of it.

We pull, We clear, We are having a blast, But Asshat keeps dying for some reason. He can’t seem to control his aggro (the hunter misdirecting onto him had nothing to do with it, honest) and he always seemed to run out of health when the boss was at about 2%, curse me as a crappy healer.

Hell at one point Noob had to hearth and repair, only to be summoned back. We one shotted the whole place and the only one who ever dies was…. you guessed it, Asshat. Thats ok though, he died enough for all of us.

What started as a little bit evil quickly turned downright fun, and just snowballed from there. 

You  see it all started as “lets just let him die a few times on trash pulls”. It made the shift to outright evil when the others started having fun. It eventually became “how many times can we lose this guy and not wipe?”.

Apparently Asshat liked to herb other peoples trees in skettis as well. Oh, and he also had a habit of coming in on folks who were fighting a mob on top of an ore deposit and mining it out from under them. Irritating habits to say the least.

Needless to say each one of them had already had problems with him in the past. They just had not heard of other folks having issues with him till I brought it up. That’s when we all decided he was simply an asshat.

I honestly had more fun watching him die than most of the times I have kept people alive as a healer.

Perhaps I should have just stayed shadow.