Thank you Jewelcrafting

Hello Jewelcrafting,

When I was growing up my parents told me whenever someone does something nice for you you should tell them thank you. Since I can’t actually talk to you personally I figured an open letter was the next best thing.

You see, I know two very deserving adventurers, both in their 70th season. Their mounts were tired, their feet were sore, in short they deserved to fly. Unfortunately it was not allowed in Northrend.

Yes I know it is now, and yes I know you just prospect ore and cut gems. I understand that you did not make it possible to fly, the wonderful Tome of Cold Weather Flight did that.

In a way you did make it possible though.

You made it possible by learning to prospect Titanium.

The day you first mentioned that you had put in an order for that shiny new prospecting hammer I went shopping. Just over 1000 gold later I was the proud owner of twelve whole stacks of Titanium ore. I cleared out a bin in my bank and held on to it for you, so you could prospect it later.

Then people started asking around for ore, apparently they wanted the gems that might hide inside them. Well, being the kind sort I decided to post it back in the auction house where I had found it in the first place. I did not really need the gems right this moment, perhaps others would benefit.

Imagine my surprise when I found the prices were now closer to 400 gold a stack. I had only paid about 80 or so… I guess people really wanted to feed you this ore. People were more than willing to turn the thousand gold I had spent into forty-three hundred.

That was more than enough to pay for flight training, cold weather flying, and a bird apiece for both of those deserving adventurers. There was even enough left over to pay back the nice banker the thousand gold I had tied up for the last month.

I really like being able to help others out, and providing these two with the tools for flight was really kind of you.

So thank you Jewelcrafting, for giving free mounts to my friends.

Good hunting,