Shiny and new

This weekend my family reached yet another milestone. The youngest of my three kids rounded the backstretch on his childhood. He is now thirteen and joins my two girls as a teenager.

Five more years till they are all adults. (legally at least)

Egad I feel old.

However, that is not what this post is about.

Three years ago when I first started playing I told my kids that they could not play until they were teenagers. That whole “game experience may change during online play” thing? All three of them had friends playing, but as I kept telling them “your friends don’t live in my house”.

For three years my son talked about playing. He has watched over my shoulder, he has seen everything from hours of fishing to the battle for Mt. Hyjal.

He picked up on what stats go for what class. He knows how professions work together. He knows how to use Wowhead to find things out instead of asking me (or his grandma, she might be healing Naxx or something). In short, the boy did his homework.

So he rolled up a trio of toons on the kids account over the weekend. An Alliance Warrior to run with me and a pair of Horde toons (an Undead Warrior banker and a  Troll Hunter to level). I can tell you without a doubt running through the starting zones with him was one of the most fun things I have done in game in a long time.

Dailies were forgotten, the AH was left unscanned, the only time I logged into one of my higher levels was to fire us off some six slot bags (and a little cash for me).



Seeing how much fun he was having smacking around Defias in Elwynn was a hoot.

The chuckle he got out of me when he asked whether Goldshire was a major city.

Telling him a half second too late not to fight back against the Horde that were there griefing the lowbies, then explaining why waiting five minutes to log back in was a good idea.

The excitement in his voice when he got his first ever green item (an “of the bear” axe he was actually able to use)

Listening to the wonder in his voice as he saw Stormwind for the first time.


It was like jumping back three years to the time I shared the wonder of discovery. I was transported back to a time before raids, before doing a half hour of algebra to decide whether item X was an upgrade over item Y or not, back to a time when everything was shiny and new.

It reminded me of a saying about vacations my dad always used to tell me. “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.”

During my vacation from reality in the world of Azeroth I could do worse than listening to that advice.

2 Responses

  1. That sounds like *so* much fun 🙂

  2. That’s awesome, no matter what age, it’s always cool to see new players enjoy the game, because they still do get excited about everything, even “of the bear”.

    Sounds like fun!

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