The Gathering Storm

For those that have followed Robert Jordan’s series The Wheel of Time I have some good news.

The Gathering Storm, the long awaited 12th book in the series now has an official release date.

After Mr. Jordans death the series was continued by Brandon Sanderson, the talented author of the Mistborne series (amongst other things).

Based on a post on Mr. Sandersons blog the release date for The gathering storm will be Tuesday, October 27th. Well, that’s the date in the US and Canada, he was not sure of others at this point.

Links to reviews as well as any other updates, can be found at his site.

That’s it for the moment, just sharing some news =)

2 Responses

  1. Until the last book is finally released, I refuse to read any of them again! But, once they are done, I will buy all new hardback copies and read them from beginning to end.

  2. @Requisition

    Fair enough, we have waited quite a while. Personally I plan to read them as they are released through the Librairy, followed by Purchasing all of them that I don’t already have when the final book comes out in hardcover.

    If you plan to wait until they are all out you will be waiting until (approxamately) Oct/Nov of 2011.

    Book 13 (working title Shifting Winds, but that is planned to change) Is well under way and is forecast to be complete by this November. Following editing and printing it should be out late next year.

    Based on articles on Mr Sandersons site the final book of the main story will come with book 14 to be titled “A Memory of Light”.

    There are also some additional notes and such that would go into additional prequels and/or side stories, however “A Memory of Light” will complete the major story arc.

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