Just shut up and eat your vegatables

It should come as no secret that I read a good bit about Wow.

I have even gone so far as to dabble in that swirling troll filled mosh pit known as the official forums.

Players whining and crying because some facet of the game is either being ignored, buffed, nerfed, worked on, left alone, changed, or pretty much anything else. Kind of a mix of Jerry Springer’s show and the anonymity of the interwebs. It’s a wonderful environment.

There are folks on those who must imagine themselves as trial lawyers. People that can take a blue post about how the weather in Anaheim would be nice for a picnic today and twist it into an admission that Blizzard hates <insert class here>. Something to do with the way they mentioned passing out sandwiches.

Now among the topics I have seen come and go there are some that just keep popping up. 

Here’s an example.


I have seen posts, many times, calling for various ways to reuse old content. One thing people have suggested has been making level 80 versions of old world instances.

I have read suggestions involving having the instance level scale to the occupants, including the gear that drops. This premise was basically to use the same type calculator they had for BoA items and just lock in the stats at the time the item drops.

I have read long well thought out posts that were all rainbows and sunshine about wanting to make use of all those old instances. Of wanting to see the content while it was challenging and yet actually be able to find a group. 


Well, holy crap. Blizzard listened.

In the soon to be tested patch 3.2.2 Onixya is getting a face lift.

  • The mechanics are being changed to support a 10 and 25 player version of level 80 raiding, as opposed to the 40 player level 60 format.
  • Some of the loot will be adjusted to make it actually desirable for level 80 characters.
  • A shiny new 310% dragon flying mount will drop there (although very rarely)
  • They don’t mention it, but the meeting stone will likely go to being accessible to level 80’s.
  • And more stuff I am not going to get into right now.

See what they did there?

They took some well designed yet outdated old content and updated it for modern times. They gave us something else to do, another option for those who want to take it. Blizz actually gave players what they asked for. They actually do that quite a bit.

Where I come from it’s called customer service.

Lo and behold, there was great rejoicing and dancing in the streets right?  

Actually no.


Most of what I have read so far boils down to the accusation that Blizzard is too lazy to actually design new content.

Since they are way too busy doing other things they are just recycling old stuff. The claim is that it all started with Naxx and it will just keep snowballing from there. I even read someone predicting that in the next expansion we will be raiding level 90 Wailing Caverns.

Then again most of the people that are bitching about it are the same folks who are always bitching about having nothing to do.

Or about how badge gear is going to ruin the game.

Or going back and forth like an old Reese’s cup ad about how “you got your PvP on my PvE!, no you got your PvE on my PvP!”

Or about how they used to have to walk through Stranglethorn Vale, uphill, both ways, with no flight points, without heirloom gear, with a raptor clamped firmly to their left butt cheek.

I can almost see some of these folks in their rocking chair on the front porch  talking about “the good old days”. Back when people showed them the proper respect while they stood outside the bank in Orgrimmar. The respect they deserved for having a bunch of epics.

Then again, they sometimes remind me of spoiled children. They want to have their cake and eat it too.

Sad thing is, I do it just as much as anyone else. I want to skip over everything else and head straight for dessert, but this time I think I’ll just shut up and eat my vegetables.

You never know, they might be pretty tasty.

2 Responses

  1. That is pretty cool of them to do. Still not sure how much I want to go back to playing though. Nothing against those playing now but I just got tired of what kept happening on the realm I was on and I really don’t want to start all over on another realm regardless of transferring a character or not.

    The forums stuff though I don’t understand how some of the devs or even forum admins can go through that mess and actually get any useful information. Unless all they do is read the initial entry and go to the next one. As with each post it just seems to degrade more and more. I don’t think you could pay me enough to dredge through it all just to find the good nuggets.

  2. […] know Dechion thinks people are gonna piss and whine about revamped content, but I have to side with Jess…. […]

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