I give up, the servers win

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

This one wasn’t worth a thousand, more like A hundred and sixty-two. Paraphrased here (because copy/paste failed) is what I told Blizzard when they asked why.


I love the World of Warcraft. It has been nearly four years since I first ventured into Azeroth, and it’s been a hellava ride.

The fact is the main reason I pay to play this game is to run instances. Soloing is fun, but not all the time.

For the last several weeks I have not been able to play the game I enjoy. Every time I have tried to run an instance I have ended up doing aerobics trying to get in, all the while being told that additional instances cannot be launched.

People getting in to heroics have reported few issues. Folks walk right into Naxx, Uludar, and the Coliseum.

What this tells me is that their money is worth more than mine.

As a parting suggestion, How about until you get the instance server issue fixed you implement a que system similar to the battlegrounds.

It might be a nuisance, but at least it would be an equal nuisance.


I still have a few weeks of time left on my account, if they fix this before then I’ll likely re-subscribe.

If not…. well, I guess i’ll be back when I can actually play again.

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  1. That stinks man. I still haven’t canceled my account yet and haven’t been on in over a month now. But I can understand at least for me it was difficult at times to get a group and then to all the sudden to have it crash on you a lot would tick me off quickly. Because at that point it’s a waiting game and like any instance the longer you wait the more likely people have to jet for one reason or another.

  2. @Sonvar

    Actually the final straw came last night when I tried to run my daughter through Wailing Caverns on her druid (her level 12 main).

    We had an hour in between everything else we needed to do in real life, so we logged in and headed over.

    15 minutes to get there, slightly annoying.

    40 minutes doing step aerobics at the door and never getting in, really %$#%$ annoying.

    Watching three other groups show up, dance for a few minutes and then get in while we sit waiting… *RAGE*

  3. I totally understand where you’re coming from. It’s like they’re saying.. (inc wall of text)

    Hey there! Oh, you’re new to the game, thank you so very much for starting up a new subscription, we appreciate that very much, always glad to see a new face! Now, you’ve done your quests, that’s great, here are some new ones, and they’re going to take you to a place called an “instance” where you get to fight all kinds of crazy powerful stuff and get spiffy gear when you beat them. I know, it sounds great, doesn’t it? Hop on over there, buckaroo, and go through the portal… well, actually… um… now that you’re here, I have some bad news. I know you’re excited about this whole instance thing, and that’s kind of my fault since I hyped it up so much… but well, you can’t actually get in there.

    Yeah, see, we have all these people who have been playing for a while and most of them have bunches of accounts and they’ve given us a ton (no really, a TON) of money, so we’re going to make their stuff #1 priority. I know, I know, equality and all that, but that’s how it is here. Sorry about that. And really, you don’t “need” to go into this instance, even though it is pretty cool, look at all the other stuff you could do!

    Well, I know you’ve already done the questing thing, but look! Whole other ZONES to quest in, that’s fun, right? And look, by the time you’ve finished that you’re already past the level where the gear from that instance thing would do you any good, so really, we just did you a favor. Yep, thanks can come right here. We’ll be waiting.

  4. @Dechion – I’m curious… did the people getting into WC have a high level with them? Or was it level appropriate toons? I ask because it may be another sign into how Blizzard has Instance priorities setup:

    #1 Level 80 Raids
    #2 Level 80 Heroics
    #3 Level 70-80 5-Mans
    #4 Level 60-70 5-Mans / Heroics
    #5 Level 1-60 5-mans if level appropriate
    #6 Level 1-60 5-mans if NOT level appropriate

    I wonder if your daughter could have gotten in solo and then invited you to her group.

    All that said – Blizzard needs to fix it. Blizzard IS fixing it. Blizzard is taking longer than they should without giving us good reason.

  5. @ Dorgol

    I did not really pay attention to the makup of the groups that got in. However, at least one was a solo player, so odds area high level farming a pet or somesuch.

    I had not read anything about a priority list such as this, if I had we would have tried that.

  6. Yeah, I don’t know if they prioritize to that level or now. We know that raids and heroics take priority over the old world, just not if they really care whether it’s a group or a high level farming.

    Hopefully they will get it fixed and you can keep enjoying Azeroth. :=)

  7. I’ve been frustrated with trying to run old world instances and yeah when I see that a grp is looking for 1 more and I have an alt that would fit, instead of joining I have to pass because I know that it will not happen because no one can get in. Unfortunately for me I just renewed my subscription so it will be 6 months before I can quit.

  8. oh man. that’s frustrating. I hope they fix it so you can come back.

  9. @ Jong

    You and me both.

  10. What a shame. All that money and still not enough servers to follow through on servicing their (paying) customers. Right on for making a stink! I hope the unparaphrased version was not so nice. They should be hearing about it. Since my pc is out of order for servicing I’ve barely been on and certainly haven’t been trying to run instances, so I haven’t experienced this frustrating phenomena. Hopefully they have whole teams working around the clock to remedy this, for their sake, as I’m sure you can’t be the only one pushed to this point.

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