Magic 8 ball predicts the future

It was a dark and stormy boring night.

I sit here in my office waiting for a trouble call. One that if what my screens tell me is about as likely as getting hit by an asteroid on my way home from work. Either one could happen, but based on what I am seeing neither one is very likley, at least today.

I am sitting here digesting what I heard this past weekend over the Blizzcon live stream. Actually I am taking that along with all the articles I have read about it over the last several hours.

Speaking of my feed reader sat at nearly two hundred posts when I came in today, and it was empty on Friday. Man, you folks are prolific when you want to be.

The articles pretty much fit into four categories.

  1. Direct coverage of the event. Live blogs, re-posts of Blizzard announcements, attempts at truly unbiased reporting.
  2. Posts claiming that for whatever reason that the game is now well and truly borked. Reasons might range from the destruction of an old favorite zone (WTF is going to happen to Barrens chat? it’ll be two zones…), the simplification of stats and gearing, even the choices of new races can lead to endless QQ.
  3. Posts focusing on how cool everything is going to be in the next phase of the game. Generally going on and on about the particular features the author is most excited about.
  4. Posts that are still focused on whats going on now as opposed to what might or might not happen sometime next year. Basically remember to have fun with the game your playing now, later will take care of itself.

I’ll address them each in order.

Direct coverage is a great and wonderful thing. I gathered a lot of good information this way. I thank those that took time from their own Blizzcon experience to keep the rest of us abreast of things in near real time. My only complaint is certain sites **cough** **cough** that do not provide a full story in their RSS feed.

Most sites that do that get dumped from my reader as soon as I find out, Just sayin’.

If you think the sky is falling because of *insert change here* chill out. Nothing has happened yet. There is a real possibility that nothing will, you simply never know. This expansion is not even in beta yet, wait till it is to freak out.

Actually the same could be said about folks who are all stoked about the announced changes. Remember, just because they say it’s coming does not mean it will make it into the game. Dance studio anyone? How about hunter ammo changes?

Now I will agree that playing the game we have now is a good plan. After all it’s not like we can play with the changes yet. We don’t even know when the game will ship, although I am going to break out my magic 8 ball and take a look into the future (or maybe it’ll just tell my to ask again later, you never know with that thing). I kinda like this idea of going with the flow.


Here are my thoughts on release dates and why I think what I do. Granted these are all just guesses on my part.

Patch 3.3.0 will go live on December 8th. Just far enough ahead of the Christmas shopping season to give a bit of a nudge to the purchase of game cards as gifts. It will also put fresh content on the table right about the time other games might be found under the tree.

Cataclysm PTR will go up in late March. Pretty much whenever it’s ready.

Patch 3.3.* will be a pre-Cataclysm patch. Some new content, although not much. It will get a lot of the new art into the files and put things in motion for the world event. I also think paid faction changes to become available at this point. This will save a lot on the resources needed for launch day. I expect that to go live on or about April 13th.

Cataclysm (4.0) will ship on May 20th. This would time it just as summer will be starting and school will be ending. It will be just before a holiday weekend (in the US at least). The timing would be good towards getting folks to stick around during the summer a bit more than they have in the past.

I could be totally wrong about all this, but I called the release date of Wrath with a week of being right several months out.


Now all that being read and digested I find myself kind of sitting in between all those opinions.

I am not going to freak out about changes that have not happened yet, for better or for worse. That does not mean I won’t do some prep work based on the changes that have been announced.

I am not going to ignore the expansion like it is not even on it’s way. Actually I am looking forward to a lot of the announced changes. There are a few I am not so happy about, but oh well.

I will keep playing the game that we have now, but I will also have an eye towards the future. As an example I give you Dekado. Troll Hunter and my first main. One of the last of my Horde characters, most having been deleted already. He has been retired, drunk in a tavern in Booty Bay, since before Wrath hit.


This weekend he threw some coffee down the hatch, sobered up, and got back to work.

My friends list is empty, no one has signed into his guild in months, and he is dirt poor. Right now it’s Dekado and Grita against the world… alone.

I am having a good time seeing Northrend from the other side of the fence. If nothing else comes out of this then I’ll get to see new Azeroth through a Trolls eyes as well, then he will go back into retirement.

Then again if everything they are promising comes to pass Dekado will be able to join the rest of my characters on the Alliance side. After seeing his way to 85 as a Troll I think he would make a good Worgen Hunter.

After all, they are all about trying to keep the inner beast in check, and he already has a Wolfslayer.