Cataclysm is the WoW killer

How many times have you heard about some shiny new MMO that is about to hit the scene these last few years? It seems that every new MMO has someone wondering if it will be the WoW killer. That game that finally comes in and dethrones WoW as the king of MMO’s.

It is said that somewhere someone is designing the WoW killer.

It’s talked about it like it’s giant rock flying through space, intent on wiping out the dinosaur that is WoW.

Criminy folks, WoW is five years old. Let that sink in for a second.

If  WoW was a child it would be starting school this year.

WoW is older than 7% of the population of the United States (per 2008 census)

It’s technology, art, and mechanics are all based around a system put in place five years ago. It has been patched, updated, and duct taped together with hot-fixes for years.

It’s old.


Then the Cataclysm was announced, speeding towards Azeroth like that asteroid once headed towards Earth.

The game as you know it after the Cataclysm will be so different you would hardly recognise it as the same game.

That’s because it’s not.  Virtually nothing will remain unchanged from The game that was released in the fall of 2004.

They did not create an expansion, they created a whole new game.


At least we finally know who the WoW killer will be.

14 Responses

  1. I would rather it be done that way than just be phased out completely. Looking forward to the guild changes etc 🙂

  2. I think you’re right. It’s the closest we will ever get to a “World of Warcraft 2” game, and I think it will be awesome to have the old content refreshed with all the new technologies and things Blizzard has learned over the last 5 years!

  3. One could look at it in such a way that Cataclysm would end up being the downfall of the franchise. Then it would indeed be true, WoW being its own killer.

  4. @Marylin & Brajana

    I am looking forward to it as well. I do look at it as more of a new game than an expansion, but in my mind thats a good thing.


    You are quite right, although I don’t think that will be the case. I don’t think the franchise is in any danger at all. I am more looking at it as less an expansion and more of a replacement of most of the content.

    In a sense it is killing itself. Kind of like the phoenix killing itself to be reborn better than ever from it’s own ashes.

  5. Some parts have sounded interesting but I’m still not sold on it. Mostly I’d play in that expansion just to see how they did change the original world more than anything else.

  6. A well played move on Blizzards part, not only will it breathe new life into the game for older players, but I honestly believe they’ll be able to attract even more new players too, pure win! 🙂

  7. A lot of people are looking at this as more of a new game than a new expansion, and while I can see where they’re coming from I don’t really agree.

    There’s a lot of things changing in game plaly itself, but I don’t think there’s enough changes to say that this is actually a new game. You’re exising characters aren’t going to die. Most of your story line remains the same (certainly not all of it). The majority of what existed in the world will still be there even if it is somewhat changed.

    While the game might seem like something new when you first get it the expansion I don’t think it will be long before it goes back to feeling like the same old game with a bit of a different flavor.

    A major factor in how this game feels and how you feel when you play it comes from the social aspect of it being and MMO. The people aren’t going to change, and that’s going to stop everything from feeling quite so fresh. People won’t give up their existing habbits, so it will go back to feeling just like it was before even though it looks a bit different.

    Many classes will play somewhat differently, Hunters and Warlocks in particular with their new mechanics, and gear is definitely going to be something new for you to adapt to as well.


    The point of all this rambling is to say that while there is certainly going to be a lot of changes from many different angles in this expansion, I don’t personally agree that this is a WoW Killer, nor do I think this is going to have a new game feel to it, at least not for long.

  8. @Psynister

    I think the biggest changes are going to be social ones actually.

    The changes to the way guilds will be viewed, cross server Pug’s, more group content and less solo content. I think all these will play into a different social dynamic evolving.

    I could be wrong, but I truely see the changes as game changing and not just cosmetic.

  9. @Dechion

    I’m not convinced.

    I wasn’t at Blizzcon so I’m going strictly off of what I’ve heard here.

    The social aspect is going to change somewhat with guilds opperate, but I don’t see it being a massive change. Look at how guilds are right now. If they actively pursue something (anything) then they will likely go after the guild rewards that it’s going to offer and will most likely develop stronger ties within the guild. But look at how many guilds are nothing more than a nametag under the character name. If you’ve played for a while or you like to stick to just one or two servers then you’re probably already in some good guilds. I have characters spread out over 8 servers, down from 13, and on most servers every toon is in a different guild.

    Do you see anything changing in trade chat? General Chat? Other than advertisements for different things, perhaps a little more seriousness on the guild recruitment side, I don’t think there will be any change there. Your reference to social changes might be focused more on guilds, but I’m looking at social changes as a whole.

    Will you see some guilds becoming more closely tied to their members? Sure you will. But how often are you in a good guild where people constantly /gquit or where the members don’t do anything together? The answer to that is going to be either that you almost always stick together with a great social crowd, or that you rarely do anything together and it’s just a place to hang out and stop people from spamming you with /ginvites.

    Cross Server PuGs are going to be cool, but how is that really any different than an existing PuG? The only thing that might come out of that is people deciding to transfer or reroll on a different server to hang out with new friends that they found on a more constant basis. PuGs might be easier if you’re on a server that’s not PuG friendly (like mine), but is that actually going to change the game? I don’t think so, it’s just going to change your experience with PuGs.

    I’m not sure what you’re referring to when you say “more group content and less solo content”. There is more group content in that they are adding more raids, but how does that lessen solo content in any way? I’d like to point you towards Phasing actually. While that offers incentive for people to group, it’s going to cause a whole lot of solo play simply by design. If we aren’t in the same phase, then we can’t really quest together because we can’t see/do the same things. So unless we always play at the same time or don’t play this particular group of toons unless we’re both on, then I might as well go ahead and level solo just so I don’t have to follow the buddy system. I honestly feel that there will be more solo play with the expansion.

    Note, however, that just because solo play is increased doesn’t mean that group play is decreased. I think there’s going to be enough rerolling and enough additional features (such as the cross server PuGs) that both will actually increase.

    I’m not trying to say the changes will just be cosmetic, though rereading my above reply does come across that way. My point is, I don’t think these changes are going to make it feel like a new game. It’s certainly going to be different, I’ll give you that. And the changes are very much large-scale as opposed to just tacking on a few dungeons like with Wrath. But I still don’t see enough happening here to make this a new game.

    I would like us both to come back and revisit this post and all the replies after Cataclysm arrives and has been around for a few months to really look at how big these changes are. I personally think that we aren’t going to see quite so large a change in the game as many people are anticipating.

    If you look at what I’ve been saying about this patch since Blizzcon Day 1 you’ll see that I am absolutely thrilled about everything I’ve read. I think this is going to be a huge refresher for a lot of people who have or are considering dropping their subscription. I’m personally going to reroll a toon of every single race so that I can experience all of the new starting areas.

    I’m excited about the expansion and looking forward to it with a great deal of anticipation. But, I still don’t think this is going to have a new game feel to it for long. I don’t doubt that it will be that way when it first hits with how many and how large-scale the changes are going to be, but I think it will still remain the same game.

  10. @Psynister

    Lol, I was just jotting down a list of things to do once the x-pack gets here and playing through every starting zone again is right at the top.

    I think your right about coming back to this topic perhaps a year from now, the x-pack should be out for a while by then.

    It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

    Personally I am really looking forward to it, but first we have this unfinished business with a guy named Arthas =)

    Then we will get the answer to the most pressing question in the whole of this expansion. With the Barrens torn with upheaveal, devided by a burning fissure, where the hell is Mankirk’s wife going to end up!

  11. Hate to be a naysayer here, but most people I’ve talked to are really down on the cataclysm changes. They’re upset mostly about the upcoming mechanics changes, i.e. spell power given the boot and intelligence taking it’s place. They’ve worked long and hard on getting gems and enchants for stats that will now become obsolete. They feel like blizz just took their money and kicked them in the nads.
    I really am on the fence with it. It seems like they’re making huge changes to try and stoke interest in the franchise without regard to the fact that they may be pushing current customers who like the game as is away. There will be plenty of places for those people to go, too. My fiance’s sister is a guild/raid leader who is tendering her resignation as I write this. She is furious at the changes and does not plan on renewing her subscription this month. She is anxiously awaiting the 9/22 release of Aion. I’m sure she’s not alone.
    So Cataclysm may very well be the WoW killer, but not in the way u all are implying.

  12. @Joshgeek

    Well, I can understand the sentiments. Making sweeping changes is certainly a concern.

    Then again with every expansion comes both a gear and skill reset. As we gather the new gear and level through the new areas becoming familliar with our new abilities.

    The mechanics changes are fairly large, this is true. However I don’t really see it as that big of an issue (your milage may vary)

    I will be re-gearing, re-gemming, and re-enchanting averything anyhow as I replace my gear on the way to 85.

    Just like now, I simply have to know what benefits my class the most so I can gather the proper quest rewards on the way up.

    The only thing I really see differently is what numbers I crunch while coming up with my shot rotation.

    In the end, it will all balance out.

  13. @Joshgeek
    The people who have geared for specific stats and are now getting upset about the changes apparently haven’t bothered to actually look at the information that Blizzard has provided us.

    The stats on your gear aren’t going to just sudden poof into nothingness, it’s going to either get rolled into its equivalent amount of the new stat, or it’s going to remain the way it is. Instead of having +50 Int and +50 SP it’s now going to have +75 Int, or whatever the equivalent would be.

    For people who like the game the way it is, they really need to realize that the gaming world is not static. Things change, and they need to change, or even more players lose interest. If you like games to stay the way they are then you should be in Console gaming, not MMO’s.

    I think you’re dead on in your reply there. None of these changes are really all that big of a deal. It’s the same thing we’ve seen twice over now both with tBC’s release and Wrath’s release. Things start over, new challenges are introduced, and new requirements need to be met – that’s the way it is.

  14. @dechion and psynister,
    I know all that and agree with you both. I’m simply voicing concerns I’ve heard that are not pointed out here. I agree that change is part of the game, and to be honest, I don’t mind the changes at all. Like Dechion said, it will simply be a matter of swapping variables for the same equations. Not really a big deal. I think, specifically, that my fiance’s sister is overreacting and I’ve told her so. She is adamantly angry, however, and I bet there are people who feel the same way, however illogical the position may actually be. But I suppose that falls under the category of “you can’t please everyone.” Nice replies, though. I’ll get on the task of trying to talk some sense into the woman.

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