I guess I have a one track mind

Many moons ago I started the first of my characters to make it to 70 and dabble in raiding. It was not may first toon by any means, actually I believe it was my fifth. I tried I Rogue first, then a Warrior before settling in on a Druid who made it to the mid 30’s.

Later after moving servers I tried out a Mage (who became a banker) before really hitting my stride with my first Hunter, Decado. I plowed through leveling, loving every minute of it, until I finally capped out at 70.


I raided with him in Kara until the guild started having problems with it’s healing corps. I benched him and started leveling Bandade the Troll Priest to help out. I was in the mid 40’s when the guild imploded.

Several friends and I then decided to switch not only factions but servers. We rerolled Alliance. Once again for the benefit of the group I rolled a priest, but this time he capped out. I raided with Morham the Priest as far as SSC before the nerf and BT afterwards. I was decent at my job, my charges rarely died unless they did something silly (or we wiped).


I found my self missing something though. I enjoyed running with my friends but I really did not care much for healing. It’s fun in it’s own way, but just not my thing. I rolled a new Hunter, Drupadi, to goof around on whenever I was not actually in a raid with the priest. She became my main in all but name by the time she hit level 10.

Drupadi and Shadow

Then came a time when she hit 70 as well. I would log in to play, but found myself not wanting to be on at raid times. It’s not that I did not want to raid, it’s that I would have to log onto the priest to do it. My guildmates would not have demanded it, but I would have felt like an ass if I did not. So I went alone to another server and rolled a baby Hunter, Dechion.


Almost a year later that Hunter alt is now in his 70’s as well.

Hopefully that answers a friend of mines question about why I have so many Hunters.

I find that I have played every class in the game, and yet it’s the Hunter I always come back to. I think it’s time to quit pretending I am ever going to level anything else and just stick with what I know.

I can finish leveling all of them to 80, and maybe later to 85.

I can see the new zones and new quests with fresh Hunters, every starting zone will have them availible.

Like it or not I am a Hunter at heart, I guess I just have a one track mind.

4 Responses

  1. That’s like me and my druids, with hunters a close second! 🙂

  2. *laughs* Your hunter “stable” looks a lot like mine. As many times as I’ve rerolled, I always manage to slip a hunter in there.

    I play a priest better, and I enjoy raiding on a priest better, but there’s something about a hunter that I just can’t find in any other class.

  3. I feel about Priests the way you do about Hunters. I’ve played every class in the game at one point or another but I always come back to my Priests. I ❤ Mind Flay 🙂

  4. Next year they should do the PPV so it spans a few channels and you can watch different rooms, like they do for the Nascar in-car cams 🙂

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