Well, this should keep me busy

I was sitting about thinking this morning about the coming expansion. Not specifically about the new content, but about where I want to be when it happens. When Cataclysm hits I want to be ready for it. I don’t want to be running around like a nutcase getting worked up about what could have been done slowly and peacefully.

Most importantly I don’t want anything interfering with the world event. Last time I was still leveling my new hunter when the zombie invasion happened. Instead of throwing myself into the world event and have fun with it I found myself irritated.

I was wrong.

Next time around, whatever I am doing, wherever I am, I am dropping it to enjoy the events that will herald in a new age for Azeroth. Ready or not, I am going to enjoy it to it’s fullest.

Ask my friends, I rarely make the same mistake twice. (I do make plenty of original ones though)


One thing this leaves me with is questions about how to get everything ready in the background while still having fun in the now. Cataclysm may be nearly a year away, although I am betting early to midsummer. The answers to these will put things in perspective for my time played on alts.


What characters do I want to continue advancing with?

What gear will they need to have on hand when the time comes?

Which are going to get parked for their professions?

Speaking of professions which will I be wanting to have and on which characters? 

Which characters will simply get deleted to make room for new ones?

If  I am rolling new ones what will they be needing?


I think I will start off saying I plan to level at very least my hunters Drupadi and Dekado on Keal’thas (both factions) and Dechion on Draenor (Alliance).  I plan to stick with the character I am most familiar with, and having all the UI’s identical will let me slide from one to the other seamlessly.

It is also very likely that I will level Shamanka (my Shaman) to the cap. I enjoy healing, but I have come to really not like my priest much. The Shaman is the logical choice for me in that regard, as I have found that I really enjoyed group healing much better than single target healing.

The only thing those characters will need is to finish leveling the ones who are not there yet to 80. Whatever gear they have on when they ding is more than enough to keep leveling with.

Profession wise they all the hunters will end up carrying Skinning and Leatherworking, I have yet to decide about the Shaman. She will dual gather while leveling and I’ll sort it out later.


Now pondering for a second my profession alts I do believe I am looking at my 80 Priest Morham with Enchanting and Inscription on Draenor and Diashan the 75 DK with Jewelcrafting and (soon to be) Inscription on Kael’thas. Other thank a bank/AH toon on each server I don’t really need any other profession alts. 


When the expansion hits I do plan to level a hunter up in every starting zone. As such I am going to want a few odds and ends for them. A bag of goodies as it were.

I will pack a crate or two with some starting gear. Things like a set of bags, some cash, perhaps a couple of BOA items. What goes in the bags is far less important than the bags themselves. 


Let see, three characters to finish leveling.

All their professions to level.

Money to save up.

All the while not taking any of the rare times I get to run instances away.


Thats quite a list of things to do, good thing I have a long time to do it.