Top ten thingsh I love about Brewfest.. Hic!

Brewfest is upon us once again.

My most favorite of all the Wow-holidays. Here are the top ten reasons why, possibly misspelled or out-of-order. Afterall, it is brewfest. Hic!

10. Getting hammered (fun all by itself)

9. Getting hammered and jumping off the Scryers tier (Shattrah is creepy when it’s empty by the way)

8. Getting hammered and repeatedly taking Coren Direbrew’s lunch money.

7. Getting hammered and dueling someone else who’s hammered. (bonus if you both healers)

6. Getting hammered and doing the ram racing quest.

5. Getting hammered and dancing in Dalaran. (preferably in the fountain)

4. Getting hammered and throwing the empties at dark iron dwarves.

3. Getting hammered and chasing Pink Elkk.

2. Getting hammered and chasing Wolpertingers.

1. Getting hammered and…. and… I think that about covers it. Thats ten right? I think so, but I can’t really be sure.

After all, it’s brewfest… I’m hammered.

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