Beastmastery is dead… not!

There has been much discussion lately about Beastmastery huntering. Most particularly whether it is broken as a viable spec.

Is it tops for raiding?

Nope, mathematically that goes to either Survival or Marksmanship depending on gear level and the content you are facing.


Is it tops for Battleground PvP?

Um… I don’t think so…. thats where you go and fight other people right? I think I read about that somewhere.


How about 5 man instancing?

It’s not the best but it will do a better job of holding it’s own here.



Don’t ask me, I have not been inside one since season 2, and that lasted all of about 2 weeks before I decided it wasn’t for me.


Well, how about leveling and other solo work?

Not just yes but HELL YES. 


Beastmastery is, in my opinion, the absolute best for working alone. I particularly like it when paired with a tenacity pet, my personal favorite being a boar. Heres why I think the way I do.

The combat system in WoW, actually in every multi player I have ever been in, is based on the trinity of Tanking, Healing, and Dpsing.

The Beastmastery tree has talents to increase the Hunters personal Dps, this is true. It’s biggest benefit comes in how it helps out your pet.

There are talents that increase you pets health, his damage output, improve healing received, cleanse debuffs, remove snares, and shorten the cooldowns on special abilities just for a few examples.

Combine this with a properly specced tenacity pet and you have a soloing machine. A machine capable of taking on group quests while they are still red and pulling it off solo, or of surviving against overwhelming odds.  

The reason is simple. A well specced, well played Beasmaster Hunter is a trinity all by themselves.

All three phases are covered, particularly if the Hunter is a Draeni with Herbalisim. (Nothing quite like having three HoT’s ticking on your pet) 


When it comes to Dual specced Hunters the venerable Ghostcrawler talks of Beastmastery as the most popular “secondary” spec.

I think that maybe, just maybe,  it’s really the most popular primary spec.

Afterall, it’s the one most default to when they are out in the world alone. Maybe the others are simply secondary specs, for those times we decide to come back out of the wilds with a specific task in mind, like Pvp or grouping with others.