Rolling up my sleeves

As I said in yesterdays post, Dechion’s place is going to be taking on a new direction.

I thought a good bit about this last night. There are ten classes, call it nine since DK’s start at 55, and are well covered.

Even if I just gloss over faction specific or race specific information that’s an awful lot of ground to cover, just to get the basics down.

Then we start getting into professions…. (I call can ‘o worms on those, lots to go over there)

I can do this but it’s going to take some time to really get the ball rolling. Honestly I am not sure if the current layout of the blog will handle what I want it to be able to do.

I suppose i’ll burn that bridge when I come to it.

The first thing that needs to happen is a re-labeling of all my older posts. Some may be more relevant than others, but all deserve their place in the tag cloud. When I originally went through and posted things I did not so much keep track of how I tagged things.

One example, I had tags for Wow, WoW, Warcraft, and World of Warcraft…

Kinda makes it difficult to find things.

Well, that and the fact that nearly every post was tagged with one of those and little else. Over 250 posts and even I had a hellava time finding anything. Everything having the same tag is as good as nothing being tagged at all.


So, my plan for the next few days is to go through and organise the site to be much more user friendly. With any luck I will be able to adapt the current format to my new needs, if not… well lets just hope I don’t have to go there. I really like this theme and would prefer not to have to change it.

Another major change that is going to happen is the posting schedule. Up until now I have simply posted as the muse took me. Sometimes more than one a day, sometimes only a few times a month. This needs to be more regular.

The types of posts I am going to be working on take a lot more time than something like what you are reading now. Particularly since I need to double check all my information. I don’t actually play every class, so I will be learning a good bit of this as I go.

So, while I will still drop in the occasional odd day post like this one, as the muse takes me,  from here on my plan is to post once a week.

Tuesday sounds like a good day.


Until next week, Keep your powder dry.

Good hunting.

2 Responses

  1. OH BOY do I hear you on the whole “having too many tags and categories” things. I’m in the process of implementing a new WordPress template and the way things show up on my current site isn’t how they’ll show up on the new one and I’m seeing I have a lot of clean-up to do once I cut the design over to the live site.

    I found your site through a Twitter folk I follow – glad to see you, and I know I’ll be back!

    My WoW Blog

  2. Tuesday.. Wednesday… any day is fine by me…

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