Leveling Alchemy 1 – 450, on the cheap

Well Lets see here. Apparently I have this character that I would like to level Alchemy on. Now, like everyone else, I don’t want to spend a ton of money doing it. My solution is to farm up all my own herbs.

Now while this may seem self explanatory, my problem is that I have no Herbalist. One would think that this will leave me with no alternative but to buy all my herbs in the auction house. I figure at current prices it would cost me about 1K gold to level strictly by buying from the auction house. Thats a little on the expensive side.

Well, I will pick some up there if the price is right, but there is another way. By knowing in advance what I am going to need I can take herbalisim on the character who will be the alchemist and farm everything up before hand. Of course that means I need a shopping list.


Leveling Alchemy 1 – 450 on the cheap


  • Dont forget to train, it wastes materials. I know this from experience.
  • I am making the choices I am because of both skill up potential and resale value. If you are both lucky and patient you could scoop everything up off the AH when it is cheap and resell everything you craft for enough money to have it come out almost even. Even if you are not in it for the long term money anything’s  better than making stuff just to vendor it.
  • Alchemy Apprentice is 1-75
  • Alchemy journeyman is 75-150
  • Alchemy Expert is 150-225
  • Alchemy Artisan is 225-300
  • Specialisation in Transmutation, Elixirs, or Potions is available through a quest at 325 skill. Minimum level 68.
  • Alchemy Master is 300-375
  • Alchemy Grand Master is 375-450
  • If I think of anything else I’ll add it here.


Alchemy 1-60

  • 59 x Minor Healing Potion – 59 Peacebloom, 59 Sliverleaf, 59 Empty Vial
  • Keep the  healing potions, you will need them for the next step.


Alchemy 60-140


Alchemy 140-210


Alchemy 210-285


Alchemy 285-360


Alchemy 360-450

This should bring you to 450. congratulations, you can now do 5 of the 6 epic gem transmutes. Pick up the quest for Transmute: Cardinal Ruby from the Alchemy trainer in Dalaran and once you have transmuted one each of the other five types it will open up for you.

 Shopping list (keep in mind you will not get a point every time, I would overstock by 10-20% or so)

  • 74 x Empty Vial
  • 65 x Leaded Vial
  • 99 x Crystal Vial
  • 170 x Imbued Vial
  • 59 x Peacebloom
  • 59 x Silverleaf
  • 80 x Briarthorn
  • 30 x Bruiseweed
  • 15 x Mageroyal
  • 40 x Stranglekelp
  • 30 x Liferoot
  • 30 x Kingsblood
  • 45 x Goldthorn
  • 5 x Wild Steelbloom
  • 70 x Sungrass
  • 15 x Khadgar’s Whisker
  • 4 x Iron Bar
  • 1 x Black Vitriol
  • 4 x Purple Lotus
  • 4 x Firebloom
  • 19 x Arthas’ Tears
  • 40 x Blindweed
  • 75 x Golden Sansam
  • 40 x Mountain Silversage
  • 38 x Felweed
  • 20 x Ragveil
  • 101 x Dreaming Glory
  • 10 x Netherbloom
  • 40 x Nightmare Vine
  • 20 Talandra’s Rose
  • 70 Goldclover
  • 41 Tiger Lily
  • 24 Adder’s Tongue
  • 10 Icethorn
  • 40 Lichbloom
  • 10 Dark Jade
  • 10 Huge Citrine
  • 15 Bloodstone
  • 15 Chalcedony
  • 15 Eternal Air
  • 10 Eternal Fire

12 Responses

  1. Now if I had money I would buy that set immediately if I wanted to level a profession on a capped toon. I wonder if anyone is selling those “levelling kits” already?

    Nice guide! What might be nice information, too is what you suggest to be done with all the material crafted during the levelling, as I have heard that Alchemy pretty much pays itself while levelling… 😛

    C out

  2. @Copra

    I plan to keep a ledger of what I do with everything. What sells, for how much, and what dosen’t. that I end up vendoring.

    Once I have the data I will write up a post on it and link it here.

    Thanks for the Idea 🙂

  3. I took herbalism and alchemy together, and I followed a guide similar to yours for levellilng alchemy.
    The thing is, it is quite easy to pick up herbs and make other potions/elixirs while you are running around that are not on the list, and therefore level quicker.

    I too had the ‘make minor healing potions and then turn them into lesser healing potions’ plan for example, but it worked out that the plan was soon obselete simply because I was doing other things based on where I was levelling at the time.

    Anyway, lets see how you get on.

    • @Vlad A valid point. If I were to level Alchemy on a character as I leveled it up I would simply make things I could use as I went. It would be far easier that way.

      This is intended more for someone who either prefers to double gather to the level cap and then level a production skill, or like my case wants to change skills on an already level capped character. (Drupadi the Huntress in my case)

  4. wow…. that would be an incredibly easy way to do it… especially if you weren’t above leveling on the not-so-cheap and just bought it all up from AH beforehand.

    I would love to see this kind of guide for Enchanting or JC… I’ve seen ones that gave you a shopping list for quickest skill gains, but never one that took the (real) problem of “nobody wants to buy this stuff” into account. great guide! 🙂

  5. Indeed, excellent guide. A Dummy’s Guide to JCing would be nice next for us permanoobs. 🙂

  6. @Rhii & Kusamoto

    I will have to take a look into doing something similar to this for at least JC, probably enchanting as well.

    Tailoring will likely be next though, i’ll be leveling that on my priest once he transfers. No sense having two Scribes on a single server.

  7. […] } When I posted my leveling guide for Alchemy  a few days ago something kinda surprising […]

  8. This guide is Fantastic! I am interested in the JC and Enchanting guides too!

  9. I am totally going to have to rewrite the end of this guide.

    I missed one very important thing. The whole point (for me) to leveling this skill was the epic gem transmutes. These become availible until 450 skill along with a quest for transmute: cardinal ruby.

    Until I get a chance to update the actual post plan on transmuting 15 skyflare diamonds from 435 – 450.

    *sigh* apparently I should do a bit more sleeping before I do my research.

  10. wow cool ! excellent, i like it

  11. […] was a series of posts where I leveled Alchemy from 1-450 on the cheap, and then proved it worked by putting my money where my keyboard […]

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