An Alchemy experiment

When I posted my leveling guide for Alchemy  a few days ago something kinda surprising happened.

It got comments.

Not that you wonderful folks don’t comment often, you do. It’s just that the content of the post was not one that I expected to generate much response.

Thanks… Seriously, it’s nice to know folks appreciate the work that goes into some of this stuff.

Well, in these comments a valid point was brought up. Is it possible to level Alchemy essentially for free?

Good question. I decided to try and answer it.

Yesterday I went to the auction house and bought the shopping list in that post with about an extra 15-20% of each item. The only exception was the dark jade, huge citrine, and eternal fires for the earthseige diamond transmutes. I already had more than enough of them sitting in the bank on my Jewelcrafter.

All total I spent just over 950G on that list of mats. If you include the value of the transmute mats it would have cost me roughly 1250-1300G to buy it all. This was without waiting for good deals to show up in the auction house, just taking the cheapest of what was available.

Yes, I dropped over 1000G on an experiment for my readers…. what of it?

After my spending spree I sat down for the rather tedious semi-afk process of leveling. Roughly three hours later I parked Drupadi for the night. In that time she had gone from nothing to 425 Alchemy and had the mats on her to push to 435 with stacks of stuff left over.

I decided that since I was planning to specialise in transmutation it would make a good bit of sense to go ahead and do that before I did transmutes to finish leveling. With the help of many donations of outlands primals from my guild, the wonderful Sidhe Devils, I will be finishing my transmute master quest right after I log in today. I’ll finish leveling up right after that.

Then comes the fun part, selling all the stuff.

As of now I shuttled all the stuff I made off to an alt that usually spends his time cooling his heels in Darnassus. It may take a while to get it all through the auction house, so I figured I could separate it like this and see how much I really get back from selling all my leftovers.

Will I make the 1400G I need to make his pay for itself?

Only time will tell.