This morning I was doing some thinking…

You can stop laughing any time, honest.

As I was saying, I was doing a bit of thinking today about this wonderful game we all play.

Be advised, this post is largely the ramblings of a tired and somewhat cranky individual. Feel free to mark as read and move along.

I, along with many others from what I have been reading, am suffering from a bit of a funk within the game. As I sat here this morning thinking about the book I am attempting to write for NaNoWriMo something hit me.

A similarity between the two.

This month I took something I love to do for fun, writing, and by placing goals and check points on it essentially turned it into a job. I am discovering a lot about myself by doing the project, and that is the real goal. However, I am paying very close attention to my attitude towards writing.

If I get to the point where I don’t want to sit down and create anymore, if it starts to feel more like taking out the trash than a relaxing thing I do for fun, I am pulling the plug.

How is that in any way similar to Wow you ask?


I have limited playtime, so what I have been doing is basically a priority list.

  1. Check my banker / AH toons to see if it’s time to scan or craft more glyphs. If it is,  then scan, craft, and post.
  2. Check cooldowns on Inscription reasearch and Alchemy transmutes, use if they are up.
  3. Do the Jewelcrafting daily if not done yet.
  4. Farm Mageweave. (EDIT: It occured to me that some might take this the wrong way. I am farming Mageweave, and later Netherweave, to level tailoring on my priest once 3.3 goes live. The Mageweave I have farmed up for the Raid for the Cure event is completely seperate from this.)
  5. Check time on Wintergrasp, do it for the stonekeeper shards once a week per level 80. (for the gearing of my upcoming Worgen Druid with BOA’s, should be done in 2-3 more weeks)
  6. Run a heroic if I have the time (and a group just happens to be forming)
  7. Stand in Dalaran and chat with guildies.
  8. If all else fails level fishing/cooking on yet another character.

It used to be that I would simply hop on an alt and happily level it up. Now I find myself playing a waiting game.

Waiting for Blizz to put forth the features they mentioned.

The new LFG tool will be excellent for those times I have just enough time to run something but there is not a group forming at the moment. I am looking forward to that.

As soon as they announced the future ability to send BOA’s cross faction I immediately lost all interest in leveling my Horde side Hunter until I can send him a Tome of Cold Weather Flight. There he sits in Dalaran patiently letting the Auction House pay him to level Inscription. After all, he will sit there for a while I think.

Alliance side I am down to one alt that needs some more leveling before getting parked until Cataclysm. My level 19 Shaman will get to 20, and then wait for the rest of the group. Myself, my mother in law, and two of my kids, are going to level a group solo to 20. We will then level up those alts only through instances, and only with each other.

I already have my Priest, Hunter, and Death Knight to 80. They are done gearing up outside of instances.

My Shaman, as I said, is waiting for the rest to catch up. Since at least two of them will be rolling Worgen that plan is on hold.

With one character simply holding a name for my upcoming Druid and three others being Banker or AH toons I have no plans to level any of them.

It boils down to this:  Wow, at least for me, is in a holding pattern.

What does that have to do with writing you ask?


Logging in to Wow is starting to feel more and more like taking out the trash. More a list of chores to do than something I log in and do for the fun of it. 

Lately I have been more about preparing for the future and less about having fun now.

I do have one character slot still open, perhaps it’s time to lose myself in an alt for a while.

I would have to start a new one.

I wonder what I should roll.

6 Responses

  1. Right now I feel a little burnout too. My 5th toon dinged 80 last weekend. Next in line is a 75 warrior, 64 shaman, 71 priest, 70 rogue and 66 mage. My main (hunter) has almost all slots filled with iLvl245-items and we do 10man ToC/VoA/Ony on one day and 25man ToC/VoA/Ony the other – I guess we start heroic versions in 2-3 weeks. My second main (paladin) does 10/25 ulduar on two days (even though he is in ToC-gear). I slowly grind my frostborn/explorers-league-rep (each one daily). I need 170 more argentum-emblems for the last 2 mounts I want to buy. I do the transmute on the alchemist and jc-quest when I remember. Thank god I don’t realy need the daily heroic anymore (well I could buy furious pvp-gear).

    Still I love playing wow but not the grind. Started a paladin on another server. Dinged already 20 and has 54g. If you never played one, they are fun. I died twice while trying the 3 horde-elites (19-21) running around in loch modan as a lvl18 ^^ but thats it.

  2. well, after much thought I decided to level a Rogue.

    It is completely different than anything else I have tried before. I suppose it would be the most similar to my Death Knight in terms of being a melee class.

    Either way I am already gathering the BOA leather gear for my upcoming Druid. I also have a BOA main hand mace sitting on my Shaman. That make trying a Rogue kind of a no-brainer I suppose.

  3. Isn’t an Alt relaxing! Isn’t it care-free and filled with just fun!

    However, as a horde hunter, I do feel bad for your Horde Hunter left sitting in Dalaran 😉

    It was great meeting you tonight! See you tomorrow!!

  4. I started making to-do lists for myself, to get dailies done, work on loremaster, do an instance, those kind of things, but it had me bored within about a week. I’m giving my dailies a break, loremaster is on hold, I’ll put auctions up whenever I feel like it and I can pug an instance/raid, level an alt, no ties, it’s nice, free, relaxing and I’m actually enjoying the game at the moment. It’s kinda nice 🙂

  5. I’ve also started getting a little bit of the burnout bug. I really don’t have the interest or enthusiasm to go out and grind rep/emblems/whatever.

    Fortunately, I am having some fun leveling my warlock with the girlfriend. But every now and then, it’s just the game as a whole.

    It’s probably healthy to just take a break altogether. Not for necessarily a long time, but a night or two that is completely WoW-less. Fortunately, I’ve got the box set of Battlestar Galactica to finish working through. 🙂

    PS: It was also nice to meet you tonight. See you at the Raid for the Cure event tomorrow!

  6. Squidly is avoiding all things chore.

    No grinding, no questing, etc

    I am doing some dailies, instance and BG, but that’s it. Rep grind is via tabbards and daily instance. If I have to grind in other ways it’s see you later.

    Of course the advantage with a hybrid is when you are sick of healing you can sell yourself as dps… Gnomeaggedon never had that choice

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