Melon Collie

I have been doing a good bit of thinking lately.

Yes, I know, I always start with that.

Guess what? so does everyone else, even if they don’t mention it. No thought = no post, simple as that.

Why do I always mention it?

I’ll get back to you on that one, right after I figure it out for myself.

Warning: Looking back at what I have written it does come off a little like I am simply whining and bitching. Well, I can do that if I want, it’s my blog. Just be advised my sense of humor is on vacation, it’s part is being played by a dark cloud of grumpiness. Read ahead if you like… you have been warned.


Anyhow, I have been thinking about where I sit in the game right now.  Not so much the fact that my priest is parked in Dalaran for instance, I mean how the game fits in with my life at the moment.

I have a lot of fun playing Wow, I truly do. I enjoy talking to the friends I have made there, I love running instances, I even love leveling alts. The issue I have come up with is that the game is crushingly boring at the moment. It seems that all the things I want to do are not going particularly well, leaving me only with grinds to do.

Now it may just be coming from the fact that many of the features that are slated for 3.3 and/or Cataclysm are things I really look forward to. The new Looking For Group feature is one in particular. Another is leveling a Druid and not having it be a night elf. I have a baby druid I am leveling up to 20 at the moment, and I am having fun doing it.

It may be that I have been leveling Mining on my Troll Hunter lately, and endlessly running in circles about the old world looking for Mithril has taken a bit of a toll on my enjoyment level. I know right now I would be glad to see Deathwing come smash the Hinterlands. I am that tired of seeing it.

Maybe if I log in later I will do my laps clockwise for a change of scenery.


Perhaps it has to do with the way the daily hub is set up. I really, really, really hate jousting. Some people love it, I am not one of them. I don’t like mounted combat, whether it is in the air or on the ground. I have a ton of Champions Seals on two different characters right now and can’t even use them, can’t talk to the vendor.

Some say “just keep at it and you’ll get good at jousting.”

Well, I don’t plan to do something I hate until I get good at it. All I will have accomplished is making myself despise it more.  There is a reason I leveled Inscription on two characters, I did not want to deal with the Sons of Hodir again either. Once was more than enough.


When it comes to getting groups lately I have actually been really lucky. Most of the times I actually had the time to run an instance I popped into guild chat and found a group in short order. The is not to say I am not looking forward to being able to pop online at three in the morning and have a group for a random heroic available.

I suppose part of it could be not really chatting with many people Horde side. Then again I am the guild leader of my own banker guild, that kinda puts the brakes on looking for a more social one. That and the fact that I don’t intend to move Horde side, I simply want to catch my Troll up to my others. It would not really be fair to even a social guild to join and then rarely be there to… you know… be social.

I will admit I am looking forward to pugging with him once I hit 80 though. I might even start giving TOC a try at 75ish.


I am sure that the most of this will pass once I grind my way through the next 120 points of Mining to get to 350. Once that happens I can get back to questing my way thru Northrend and seeing things from the Horde side of the fence. Grinding out one thing after another is just starting to get old though. I can guarantee you he will be sporting Aldor shoulder enchants for a long time.


Perhaps I need to just step away for a while. Maybe it would help.

Right now I am seriously thinking about taking a (perhaps permanent) break from Wow.

There is a lot I would like to see and do, there just seems to be a wall of grinding between me and the fun I want to have. A wall I am getting tired of bashing my head into.

We shall see how it goes over the next few days, after all I am paid thru the 15th.

Maybe it’s just the weather.