Help! I can’t make up my mind!

So here’s the deal. I have a problem with professions.

I have three level capped characters on the server that I usually play on.

My Death Knight is 450/443ish Jewelcrafting / Inscription. I make a good bit of my income from her, those professions are staying.

My Hunter is 450/450 Engineering / Alchemy. The engineering is fun, and I like making my own ammo. Besides I am still using the helm. Alchemy makes me some decent cash, even though I am transmute specced. It also has the benefit of the Flask of the North, which I use almost all the time in place of an endless rage flask. Those professions are staying, though I may drop Engineering later depending on how it looks in Cataclysm.

My Priest now, there is my conundrum. I have near max level enchanting, which is not going anywhere. Having the ability to DE all the random greens that I get in-house is very valuable, as are the ring enchants. The one I am thinking about dropping is Inscription.

I have not bothered to learn all the recipes, and I never use it. It’s sole purpose on this character was to prevent me from having to level the Sons of Hodir all over again. With patch 3.3 live I can now simply send over a shoulder enchant from my Hunter and take care of that.

I figure since I can’t make up my mind I would put up a poll and ask you wonderful folks what you think.

Keep in mind that I have signed up for nearly enough random heroics to earn “The Patient” over the weekend. I ran every one on my Priest, flagged as both Dps and Healing.

I ended up as the healer every single time.

Something tells me thats not likely to change, although it has the makings of a good post for tomorrow.


5 Responses

  1. Before I vote, I need to know – how would you like leveling a profession that you’ve already done once again?

  2. Tailoring. Leveling tailoring is rather cheap these days and there are plenty of opportunities for profit making bags, crafting items to DE, and transmuting whichever cloth matches your speciality.

    It’s not spectacular profit but it’s steady and requires very little time.

  3. @Chawa

    Not only do I not have a problem with releveling a profession I am pretty much counting on it. The only thing I have never had at max level is Blacksmithing, and thats not very Priest friendly.

    This priest was a Tailor/Enchanter up until WotLK came out and I cashed in on the glyph market.

    Now I realize I don’t need two scribes and the DK has far more patterns.

  4. Tailoring. Flying carpets are win.

  5. My vote then is for tailoring.

    My 2nd vote would be Alchemy for the different specialization that I’m sure you could put to good use!

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