Fourteen days later

Just fair warning, this post is a bit on the ranty side.

Ok, it’s more than a bit.

I am pissed.

I choose to write it here instead of in the comments sections of other blogs, or worse yet in the blue text of party chat.

Hey, what good is a blog if I can’t vent from time to time?

Just be advised, nothing constructive will come from reading past this point.

 I am going on vacation until next Monday, I’ll see you folks then. Stay safe and have fun.

You can simply take this happy holidays wish, a wave, and a smile and feel free to mark as read.

Still here? /sigh. Well, I guess you must be a glutton for punishment, but I am gonna rant now.

All of two weeks ago today patch 3.3 dropped in all its shiny new LFG goodness.

In that time I have had good and bad things happen.

I had the terribad failpug that I wrote about last week. That one is still the worst, though I have left three others now once they made clear that they were elitist pricks.

I have watched folks struggling with the content, only to end up getting driven from the group by folks that are simply mean.

I honestly can’t think of another way to describe it.

The vast majority of the players I have run across are quietly competent. The simply buff up at the entrance, perhaps say hello, and then roll through doing their job.

Occasionally I have run across people who have no clue what they are doing. Generally the groups I have been in will notice that within a few pulls and offer the less experienced player some advice. Sometimes there is an asshat with that wants to make themselves feel good by running a new player down. Usually there is only one like that, if any, and I have found they are not really that vocal if they don’t have a second elitist tool with them.

Apparently they believe in the safety in numbers thing, even in a virtual world.

I would have loved to have names for the pricks that bailed on us after wiping to wave eight four times at the beginning of one instance (Halls of Reflection, I believe). It was annoying how they wailed and cried saying that it was in fact the fault of the healer and other two Dps. It could not have been them because they were both “hardcore”. It really pissed me off when I found out that you can drop group and be ported out while in combat.

Thats exactly what those asshats did. The pally tank that couldn’t grab all the adds and the mage who apparently did not know how to use a threat meter. Good riddance to them.

Nice job, wipe number five.

It would have been nice to make them be the fly on the wall as we calmly put ourselves back into the que, picked up two more folks (who incidentally were far less “uber-hardcore” than those we had lost) and proceeded to one shot the rest of the instance.

There was only one more death, and that was right at the very end the Rogue went down at the same time as the last ice wall.

When it was all said and done I watched as all four of my party members rolled achievement spam for both normal and heroic.

Other than me, none had ever been there before.


I have come to expect the occasional asshat while I am hitting up the random heroic. It’s just luck of the draw.

One thing that I am seeing that surprises me though is bloggers that come out as elitist asshats. I have been hearing whining about people purchasing gear with emblems since they started dropping in Karazhan. I am sick to death of it.

Seroiusly, go beat that dead horse elsewhere. I have no place for it in my feed reader.

Guess what you pompous jerks, people are going to get gear. It did not break the game then, and it won’t break the game now.

The only thing I can even fathom as a semi-legitimate whine is this somehow making it harder to tell peoples relative skill level by glancing at them in Dalaran.

Whatever…. I am seriously considering gathering a set of completely ridiculous gear to wear while I am in town. Diamond tipped cane, some low level crafted gear that is enchanted with strength, that kind of thing.

Oh, damn. I wonder if I can put a fiery enchant on my diamond tipped cane? That would look sweet.


Back to the matter at hand though (as my mind is now whirling with plans to build a set of gear to annoy the gear score folks with).

I am sick of listening to the whining of the self aggrandizing fools those who think they are better than others. People that think that only they and their little band of buddies are worthy of actually playing the game.

I am tired of hearing about how other people are getting carried through heroics by tier 9 raiders.

I am sick to death of whiny prima donnas thinking that their shit don’t stink because they have shinier purples, or a guild tag from a more “leet” guild.

Over all I am sick of the elitist attitude that puts down other players instead of helping them get better.

If acting that way is the only way you can feel good about your self then I don’t want to play at your level. It’s rather sad really if you have to use how much better you are at a video game to justify yourself as “better” than others. It’s even worse when you feel the need to put others down just so you can feel better about yourself.


Some play to beat the game, some just play for fun, and more than a few just to socialize.

Like Facebook but with much more to do.

I got news for you, you are no different from anyone else in the game.

You are not a special snowflake.

Those you group with are not all just extras in the movie about your life.

They are people, just like you.

Actually I take that back.

They are like you, only with manners.


I have news for you. I don’t look up in awe at your leetness, I pity you.

Now get out of my pug and go hang out with yout leet friends.

You can all be leet together, and strut about basking in each others leetness.