Random thoughts

In the pre-dawn quiet of my office I often let the head of cauliflower that doubles as my brain go running amok.

I might give it a topic, I might not, sometimes I just down a couple cups of coffee and let it go.

Today is one of those days. 

One of those days where questions pop into my mind. For instance exactly what is “amok” and why is it always running. Seriously, have you ever heard of an “amok” that was not running?

Me neither.


Anyhow, this morning I have been sitting around thinking of what might be in store for me in game. Not so much what am I going to do this evening, thats easy. I might perhaps run one random heroic, if I get on at all. Wednesdays are pretty booked with things out in the real world.

I am more talking about what I am going to do when the expansion hits.

Yes, I realize the last of the WotLK content has not even been released yet. Then again for me it basically has. Since I am not a raider any more the last new content I am likely to see was the new 5 man instances released with patch 3.3.

I am ok with that.

Then several thoughts crossed in my brain, possibly as a direct result of the number of long island iced teas that I consumed last night. Thats what brought this whole chain of thought on.


Between my three level 80 characters I am sitting on damn near 900 stone keeper shards. More come in nearly every day as I run more and more heroics.  I am positively swimming in the things.


When the expansion comes * it is going to completely revamp the world. Most importantly it is going to redo the entire leveling process. A lot of work is going into that, and I plan to experience it first hand by leveling up a character from scratch to at least level 60.  I might stall once I look at Hellfire again, but thats far in the future.

For right now I am stuck thinking what I might want to level up.


Yes I know it’s not like I can roll the character now. Actually if it is one of the current race/class combos I could, but that’s not the point. What I am getting at is figuring out how to spend all those yummy shards I have, and perhaps some extra badges that I might end up with after gearing up Dechion.

After all, it won’t be long before I get to the point where the next upgrades that I can simply buy are Emblem of Frost upgrades. ** Once that happens I start buying heirlooms and banking them for later.

So here is the point of the whole post.


We are going to pick new alts for me to level in Cataclysm. There are a few things to think about though.

  • Keep in mind that I don’t care much for melee Dps.
  • I also don’t know whether I would like tanking or not.
  • Ranged Dps is a lot of fun, I enjoy it.
  • Healing is also quite a good time. Actually I prefer it over anything ease when grouped.
  • This character has to be able to solo well, since the whole point is to level through the new quests.
  • Oh, and last but not least I plan to run up one each Alliance and Horde side.

So what would it be friends?

What race/class would you suggest?

What heirlooms would you get for them?

What else would you pack in their bags as you sent them on their way?


* I still say we are looking at a late Feb/early Mar start to the Beta with a release date in early summer, probably late June.

** The two piece T-9 and two piece T-10 set bonuses for a holy priest are better (in my opinion) than the 4 piece of either set. I am currently planning on having the T-9 chest and legs, the T-10 shoulders and gloves, and I’ll round it out with the 75 badge non tier helm.