Comment Policy

Once upon a time I started blogging about Warcraft. It was not so very long ago really, just under two years.

In the beginning I only saw a very few visitors each day, sometimes none at all. Most of those who did wander past were friends or guild mates who essentially treated stopping in, reading, and the commentary that went with it the same as they would if I had invited them over to the house.

Actually, more like sitting around the fire pit in my back yard having a few drinks and swapping stories at the end of a long day.

Over time that has changed.

The vast majority of those who stop by still treat the place like they are over visiting a friend, however not everyone does anymore.


With that in mind I have decided to lay down some ground rules for commenting. Not because I don’t want your comments, I do, but there will come times when certain things are simply inappropriate. When that happens, the comment will simply never see the light of day.

Censorship? To a small degree yes.

Then again, it is my house. Or at least the online version of the fire pit out behind it.

Like I tell my twenty year old daughter who still lives at home. “My house, my rules.”


  1. Don’t try to sell anything in the comments. If I don’t make a dime off this site no one else should either.
  2. Try to keep the comments to the topic at hand. If it’s not on topic but you still feel it needs to be said drop it in an email. Who knows, it might become a post of it’s own.
  3. Refrain from personal attacks directed against myself or the other commentors. Disagreeing is fine, so is discussion, but keep it civil.
  4. Don’t advocate things which would be against the law or the terms of service.
  5. Don’t threaten anyone. They won’t get posted, and depending on the nature of the threat will be reported to the appropriate authorities.
  6. If your comment is really good (and there have been quite a few over the years) It may just become  its own post. (with an intro giving credit where it’s due of course)


Do I feel like a bit of a jerk coming out and posting rules like this? You betcha.

This should all be as simple as just saying “Don’t be a dick”. Actually that would pretty much cover it, but such is life.

Why do it then? Because it needed to be written. In the future it will simply be a link in my sidebar that I can refer to if needed.