CC means Consecrate, Consecrate right?

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to try my hand at tanking.

Low level Pally tanking to be exact.

So I rolled myself a baby Pally and threw her some heirlooms.

Thus began my adventures in tanking my way to 80.


So far the biggest thing I can say for it is the difference in the players from level 80 heroic groups boils down to this.

Heroic pug = “OMFG GOGOGOGO!!11!!!  NEED MOAR BADGES FASTER!!!!1!!”

Low level pug = “OMFG That was FUN! Want to stay grouped and run another?”

Now it might just be my well documented horrid luck with pug heroics, but I am having an absolute blast running the low level stuff.

Five instances so far and not a single problem. All the folks I have run with have been decent and polite. Truly a joy to run with. So much so that Dechion the patient has not run a single out of guild heroic since the day I rolled my little Pally.

The most fun though had to have been a Stockades run from a few days ago. I zone in and look at my party frames to see what buffs to put up and what do my wondering eyes behold?


One Holy, one Prot, and three Ret.


Much joking ensued as we buffed up. One of the others passed out vent info as we were getting ready to roll .

By roll, I mean steamroll.

We were pulling two rooms plus the pats in  the hallway on purpose just to see how far we could take it.

The chatter on vent was a welcome change from the “silent pug” that I usually see in heroics. Much laughter and joking about was had. In short I had a blast. 

We went on to run two back to back stockades runs, I think all of us leveled during one or the other. Not a wipe was had, in fact not a single death.

The only thing bad I have to say about the whole experience is I cannot add cross server folks to a friends list.

Based on my luck with most pugs thats saying something.