Just remember to push in the clutch first

I was busily poking the keys trying to put down what I think Blizzards next generation MMO will be like, and why. Low and behold there comes a ding in my mailbox… apparently a post from a few days ago had received a comment.

Needing a bit of a break from the thinking I was doing I wandered over to check it out.

It appears the Guthammer  has made a rather thoughtful comment in my post about gear I am setting aside for my Caclysm alts.


I might grab an heirloom weapon or two, and the trinkets, for leveling, but you won’t find any of my Cataclysm alts in the XP gear.

There was enough content in Azeroth to hit 60 twice per faction without too much overlap in content…why would I want to consume less of the reworked stuff that I just paid $40 for.


That got me thinking, which oddly enough was what I was avoiding in the first place, but I digress.

He really does have a great point there.

The new content I am so looking forward to is not going to be tuned for new alts with a ton of heirlooms, it will be tuned for new players in general.

I am really looking forward to this new content and don’t simply want to level past it at top speed. I want to see it all, even if it means seeing it slower. There are a few ways I can see that would help this out, and they all involve changes in the way I have leveled for years.

A paradigm shift as it were.

Ever since my first character, an Undead Warrior named Dechion,  made it to Brill I have been logging out from places that gave me rest.  Inns, cities, any place that I can set my hearth will let me rest.

Rest is good right? After all my little cartoon friends need some time off after a busy day of killing 8,467 boars looking for twenty that actually came equipped with livers. As an added bonus next time I log in I get double experience for a time, depending on how long I parked there resting.

Did I carry that too far? Possibly.

I actually got to the point with some of my characters that I would only play them one day a week, thus ensuring I could get double experience the whole time from that first town to the level cap.

For my new characters that will stop, at least until they hit Outlands.

It only takes a second to walk two paces outside the inn. I don’t want to outlevel any of the new zones as I quest my way through, and never resting should go a long way towards that.


I suppose I could simply not use the heirlooms that grant bonus experience, and in fact that is an option that I will keep open. In the case of the new content I would happily use ones that had no XP bonus if it was an option.

Then again, if the quests and mobs start turning green in a given zone I can always go turn off XP gains until I am done. I can always turn it back on when I move to the next zone.

You might think I am mad for not dashing to 85 as fast as I possibly can.

After all, once I get there I can start running 5 mans to gear for heroics.

Then run heroics to gear for raids.

Then grind for consumables and enchants and faction rep and ……


Screw that.


I don’t raid anymore anyway, I got off that hamster wheel.


Why in the hell would I hurry up and fly past the stuff I actually like to get to something that seems more like a job?


Sometimes as I am sitting around thinking things like “hey what all can I have in place for my new alts” I can get a little carried away. I blame it on having an early start and a quiet office.

Anyhow, thanks for the kick back to the reality of why I am looking forward to this in the first place.

To the list of things I am saving up for my future alts I’ll be adding a paradigm shift.

When the time comes, I am going to need it.