Just an observation

It seem a lot of my posts start out with me sitting around the office in a caffeine deprived state. Generally I am pondering something of cosmic significance. You know the big picture important things in life.

Things like which alt to level today, or whether I want a bowl of chili or perhaps a sandwich for lunch.

Yes, apparently I need to find a new hobby.


Anyhow, I have been talking a bit about leveling alts lately.

That brought a question to mind that I decided to actually look into.


How much, exactly, would it cost to bankroll a brand new character all the way to level 80?


Oddly enough the answer is “It depends”.

There are a lot of factors that will change your total cost. 

Different classes, and even specs within the same class, will have slightly different costs due to training costs being different. How you choose to level will also play a lot into it.

You could instance your way up like I am doing with my Pally and actually make more than enough to cover repairs and training. Questing your way up will provide some gold as well as quest rewards that can be sold. Even grinding can be quite profitable.

There are simply too many variables to take into account, so I won’t even try.

Even the gold sinks are a big variable depending on class and reputation.

Here is an example.


  • Riding skill of 75 costs 4G, and has a mount cost of 1G. Unless you are a Pally or warlock, then it’s significantly cheaper at the trainer. 
  • Riding skill of 150 costs 50G and has a mount cost of 10G. Unless you are a Pally or warlock, then its significantly cheaper at the trainer. 
  • Riding skill of 225 costs between 600 and 480G depending on rep, with a mount cost of 50G. Unless you are a Druid, then it’s significantly cheaper at the trainer.
  • Riding skill of 300 costs between 4,000 and 5,000G depending on rep, with a mount cost of 100G.
  • Cold weather flight is 1000G.


At a glance I notice that only one of the five is actually a fixed cost. Over all the riding skill gold sink prices could range as high as 6,815G or as low as 5,073G depending on class and reputation levels. Over a 1,600G difference is quite a bit in my book.

I was originally planning on figuring out how much gold I would need to bank for each alt that I plan to level in Cataclysm before I actually start on them .

I suppose the answer is “at least 7,000G”, that way if anything I will overshoot on the high side.


What’s the point of this?

There is none.

Like the title says, I am just making an observation.



6 Responses

  1. Ya know, chili sounds like a great idea for lunch. Now if I could only find a place that makes a decent batch of that stuff.

    • I wish i could find a local place myself. Well, there is a new BBQ place that just opened, maybe they have something decent.

    • Damnit. I really want chili for lunch now.

      Were I home, I’d probably spend the day letting it cook in the slow cooker… some crazy mix of my own. I don’t have the mats, but it would be worth a trip to the Evil Grocery Store to get them…

      … OMG… my chili would have some bacon in it, too! OMFG!!1!!11!!

  2. Dang, I brought chicken pot pie leftovers. Now I think I should’ve brought the chili leftovers instead. Bollocks!

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