Elbow room

A few days ago I was talking about my plans for Cataclysm. Actually I have been doing that a lot lately.

In this particular case I talked about both leveling my existing level 80’s to 85 and starting shiny new alts. Gnomageddon brought up an interesting point in the comments. He mentioned how crowded the new areas will be.


I remember the chaos that was Hellfire Peninsula in the first days of The Burning Crusade.

I remember lagging out simply trying to zone into the Death Knight starter area in the days after Wrath launched.

I remember fighting shoulder to shoulder with dozens of others in the Draeni starter zone, trying to be the first to tag things as they spawned.

I remember how Shattrah stood empty while people literally waited in line for quest mobs to spawn in Borean Tundra.


Once upon a time I even wrote  a post about my plans to spend the early days of Wrath in a quiet place, and I did.

This time will be a little different. Not much, but a little.


In the early days of the Cataclysm I have absolutely no intention of trying to fight my way through the level 80-85 zones shoulder to shoulder with 75% of the rest of my server. Nor will I be in the new starting zones with the remaining 25% of my server trying desperately to level a Worgen or Goblin. Both of those will come with time.


My current plan though is to do the same with my healers as I am currently doing with my Pally and Shaman. I will hit up the Looking for Dungeon for the new shinys.

I figure that my Priest, and possibly my Shaman if she is high enough in level, will level to 85 exclusively through instances. Regardless of how many people are online I won’t be fighting people for quest mobs at least.

Well, this assumes that additional instance will be able to be launched.

When things settle down a bit I will level my Hunter through the new quest lines and experience the content.

Once things settle down even more I will level up my Goblin and Worgen.

I am just going to wait until I have a bit of elbow room.



4 Responses

  1. I’d love to have the patience but alas I will be one of those players scrambling about the Worgen starter area =)

    I’ll be pretty much abandoning all my current toons except for using their tradeskills and Gold 😉

    • I don’t know how many of my high levels well see 85 either, though I won’t park them forever i’m sure.

      Honestly though a complete reboot is sounding mighty appealing right now.

  2. I don’t know where you are in your life, but with the way Blizzard patches, I say take a couple of vacation days for launch.

    They will have WoW 4.0 out for a couple of weeks before they enable the content. Even a day or two of leveling—well might do the whole job for you–will out you way ahead of the surge.

    I know that by prime time on Wrath launch day, there may have been oodles of people in Borean Tundra, but they were all in the front half of the zone and I was in the middle and Coldera.

    I think by the second I had had my brain fried by the Wrath Gate trailer and never really had to compete for mobs while leveling.

    I thought it was a good use of 2 vacation days when I had 2 weeks of vacation, I think it’s even better when I have 3 weeks of vacation.

    • That was an outstanding idea that lasted about 37 seconds into the chat with my lovely wife.

      In all honesty if I was able to I would take enough vacation to carry me through from release day till the following Monday.

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