Heirloom? Really?

I have played on my Shaman a good bit lately.

Enough that she has leveled up to 23 now exclusively as an LFD healer.

Lets just say that so far I am having a blast.

I do have one question though. It’s about heirlooms, the shoulders in particular.


Heirlooms are things no one ever liked well enough to wear out.


Why, oh why, do they have to look like a coat rack some ones grandpa bought at a yard sale?

Seriously, I should get to equip four extra cloaks from my coat hooks.



17 Responses

  1. Those F’n shoulders still drive me crazy.. if it’s not a coat rack Heirloom piece, it’s a Noah’s ark piece.

    The 80’s may be back.. but never that back!

    Although to be honest.. you kinda look hot in them.. maybe Squidly should have been female…

    • I got comments to that effect last night while I was healing a random. I finally asked at the end what all the innuendo was about only to find out that I had not looked at my characer pane before queing up. Apparently I had healed on my Druid last and my Preened Ironfeather Breastplate was over on him.

      I healed the whole damn instance in my bikini top.


  2. Because the original Pauldrons of Elements looked that way. πŸ˜›


    • True enough, but they were rediculous back then as well.

      Still not as bad as the bird-on-the-shoulder spellpower shoulders that my druid has.

  3. Yea, the birds which are stapled on the shoulders just suck big time… think about a tauren druid with the huge, and I mean HUGE, birds frozen on his shoulders.

    How ridiculous is that?

    Oh, yes, the Heirlooms stand out in crowd for sure… πŸ˜›

    C out

  4. I especially like wearing them on my male orc shaman. Every time he jumps you watch the coat hanger drive themselves through his head, slicing it cleanly in two.

    Luckily I’m more of a stats guy than a visuals guy, so as long as they’re better than the alternatives I don’t care all that much how horrible something looks. But still, some of the heirloom shoulders do look horrible.

  5. I moved my draenei hunter to be with some friends on the horde side of another server (Muradin). I never noticed that my heirloom shoulders had these gigantic “tusks” growing out of them. I honestly don’t recall them being there like that… do they look different with the change in faction? Also wondering how long they will let me keep my name, Amf

    Hope you guys are doing well.

  6. I have a question regarding heirloomitems. Since I also leveled a shaman (now 78) I bought him leather-shoulder and -chest, the mace and a trinket. I never bothered to buy a mail-shoulders/-chest since they aren’t really that much better. But if I had bought them back then, could a <40-shaman still equip them? Will they transform into leather and back into mail when the wearer can wear mail?

    • Heirlooms for classes that get a new level of armor at 40 will switch with you.

      Warriors and Pallys under level 40 putting on the plate ones will have them show up as mail, until 40 when they switch back to plate. The same goes for Shaman and Hunters where their Mail will show as leather until level 40 and then upgrade itself.

      You were right though about there being little diference between the leather and mail ones. If I remember right it’s only some armor, all the other stats remain the same. Since I am healing I don’t really care how much armor the gear has, just give me the stats =)

  7. Spacegoats make me sad.

  8. Your space goat is lovely! Regis just has tail envy.

    However, Bikini tops for the win? πŸ˜›

  9. I thinbk it was EQ2 that had a system whereby you could equip a set of gear in one slot for its looks and another one in another slot for its stats. I think that would be awesome. You could walk around in your full tier 10 while wearing the Judgement set for example.

    • That would be awesome.

      Personally I think I would go for the disheveled bum look, while still gearing for what I do of course.

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