Waiting, just waiting…

Lately I have noticed an interesting pattern, not just in myself but in quite a few others.

Those “casuals” that don’t do high-end PvP.

Those “casuals” that are not raiders.

Like planes flying in a holding pattern they seem to be just buzzing about waiting to do something.

They are disinterested, even bored with the game as it sits right now.

I am right there with them.


I am simply buzzing around in circles keeping myself occupied.

Waiting for Cataclysm and it’s promise of new content from the starting zones on.


Everything else I am doing now is just preparing for its arrival.

I suppose that’s why I am specced Survival.



9 Responses

  1. I’m kind of at a standstill, like yourself. I could focus on gearing my toons up, but there aren’t many upgrades that can be found outside of raids. Right now, I was just mostly interested in getting the holiday achievement on Darth.

    I don’t know exactly how many alts you have, but I’ve got a few. I also don’t know what level your alts are at. I’ve got two 80’s, a lock at 71, DK at 68, Hunter at 43, and next highest is a shaman at…16? But I am enjoying leveling those guys up. Queue for a random dungeon, go off and quest, disappear into a dungeon, come back, requeue, quest some more. (Although level 43 gets your Mara Orange. That’s it.)

    Despite there being lots of things I could do in WoW, I also distract myself with some non-WoW stuff – PS3 stuff. Batman: Arkham Asylum, Assassin’s Creed 2 are both awesome. I know Chawa is busy working on jewelcrafting on her DK, the Epic Bow Quest from MC/Ony, and Loremaster.

    Anyway, head-up, man. Get your Hordey hunter up to 80 and we’ll hang out. 🙂

    • Getting that Hunter to 80 is pretty much my focus right now, should be done by the weekend sometime.

      That will see me sitting on two 80 hunters, an 80 priest, an 80 DK, and six assorted bankers and lower level alts at 31 or less.

      I am kinda looking forward to leveling my Shaman next, but I am saving leveling a Druid until he can be a Worgen.

    • I’m saving anything below my hunter for Cata. I’ve leveled through enough of the old stuff now that I’m ready for the revamp.

      But yes, I know this lull well. I had it pre-Wrath, also. Then we started to get a few more people in the guild and we got into Karazhan a few times. Looking forward to the ICC nerf so we can handle that, too. 🙂

  2. completely bored with WoW right now. I’m mostly playing Fallen Earth, wihich is pretty much anti-WoW – no ezmode at all.

    • I thought about fallen earth after it was linked to me last week.

      Thought seriously about it actually.

      I decided to stick with Wow for now simply because of the friendships I have there. I really am thinking about letting my account lapse until Cataclysm comes out though.

  3. … and I’m working on clearing all of Outland at the moment (should be regional Loremaster soon).

  4. Actually, not everyone is waiting. Some of us are using this time to do some much needed catching up. I just logged onto my main 80 human warrior for the 1st time in many months a few days ago. I realized that all my gear, though mostly epic, is still pretty poor for high end raiding (either 200 or 213 item lvl)– especially considering warriors do crap dps as it is. Plus, I had started gearing up for my other tank spec. So, I still have a lot of work to do just on my sole 80 main and not a whole hell of a lot of time to do it in. Point being, some players can really use this time that others consider a sort of wow limbo before Cataclysm drops.
    And personally, considering I’m somewhat of an altaholic, I may not even be ready when the expansion does hit. Sorry to hear you’re all so bored with it. I probably would be somewhat as well if I wasn’t coming off a long break from the game. Sometimes that’s all it takes, I guess.


  5. I’m pretty much totally burned out on raiding, or even trying to raid. I’m just sort of spinning in place leveling my warlock and hunter, and barely even logging in to either of my level 80 characters.

    • Pretty much same here. I have a second hunter on Horde side that I am finishing, then a Shaman and Mage Alliance side to work on.

      Lately it’s been all about the alts.

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