And then there were four

Something happened a couple months ago. 

For good reason I found myself on a long neglected Troll Hunter. 

My first character to hit 60, and my first to hit 70 as well. Last November I found myself spending a bit of time on him farming cloth for the Pink Mageweave shirts that the Sidhe Devils handed out at the Raid for the Cure event. 

I also found that I missed playing that character. I have spent all my time and energy on my Alliance characters and completely neglected the one who got me started in the first place. I decided to change that. 

A little here and a little that I started questing my way through Northrend. Ever so slowly watching the little blue bar inch across the screen. That little blue bar finally turned purple on Sunday morning, one bubble away from the end. 

I go turn in the quests I had and what greets me? 

In a flash of light the journey came to a close.

I now have a level capped member of my favorite class on both sides of the fence.I look forward to running with my friends there.


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  1. Every now and then I get a little tug to go jump back over on my Horde toons. I miss being Horde sometimes, but I really do love my Alliance server. But, I really do miss my Horde toons. But Alliance…. But Horde… But…


    My name is Jason Griffith, and I’m an altoholic.

    • What makes it easier for me is they are on the same server. I farmed up all the heirlooms to level my hordie with my human priest =)

    • I’ve considered doing the same, but I’ve got the server full of toons already. Though, I suppose there are a couple that I wouldn’t mind deleting. Well, I actually wouldn’t mind deleting half of them.

      I might have to look into doing that before too long.

    • If nothing else it’s something to keep busy with while awaiting the next expansion.

  2. My resto-shaman dinged 80 (no. 6) this weekend (after successfully healing UP and returning the quest in the dungeon). I joined the weekly (which was Naxx-Anub on my server) and got my first 5 frostemblems that way (the other resto-shaman did like 3.5k HPS while mine was 1.2k HPS) and even got a neck for enhancement which I replaced an hour later with the neck from the eventboss.
    I then mailed the heirloomitems to my horde-druid (lvl20) who was parked in crossroads. But the town was under attack by 3 lvl80-alliance-dickheads who had nothing better to do then to a) kill all the questgivers and flightmaster and b) spam me with duel-invitations (all 3 of them) over and over again :/
    I gave up after 30min of just standing there …

  3. Big hairy congo rats!!

  4. Massive grats, my friend!

  5. Gratz Dechion!

    I’ve actually been enjoying my hunter a lot more than I thought I would. I feel somewhat guilty even mentioning it as a warlock main! lol

  6. Hope you’re well. You haven’t seen much of me there, because I’ve been off on the Muradin server playing on some of my horde toons (my cousins are there for now but switch over to xbox depending on what game is currently being released).

    I think it is almost funny to see how much time folks waste attacking Crossroads and other places Horde & Alliance. There’s absolutely no honor given. Perhaps key NPCs (e.g. flight master) in these towns should be amped-up big time, not attackable, or associated with a neutral faction?

    It was kind of funny though last night… I was on a Level 44 Hunter in Horde Camp Mojache (sp?) and an/one Alliance player was there attacking the guards. One thing I did notice… she did not kill the flight master nor any of the questgivers. Guessing there’s some pent-up anger from questing there as a Horde?

  7. Grats, man. A shame we didn’t get to sneak you into our BWL run. 🙂

  8. Hey! Grats! My Tauren Druid got moved over to KT a few months ago. haven’t really played him, but he’s resto/balance and in ToC 25 level gear. I’d be glad to run with your hunter in any 5-mans, heroics or BGs.

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