The Banker

The Banker



One by one I stand and watch,

The favored characters leave.

They go to fight in far off lands,

That I’ll likely never see.


I might be sportin’ spiffy clothes,

I might be dressed in rags,

The only thing that counts to them,

Is what is in my bags.


I’d love to go there with them,

But they say they need me here.

To keep the home fires burning,

And help repair their gear.


With freshly purchased flasks and such,

I send them on their way.

To go and throw themselves against,

The raid boss of the day.


I may not get achievements,

They claim I never fight,

What about the cut-throat posts,

In the Auction House last night?


So here I sit in Ironforge,

Running to and fro,

I wonder what it’s like outside,

Man I’d like to go.


Then again my lot in life,

Is not to leave the town.

But to be the one who stays behind,

And never lets them down.


Fully geared and level capped,

They look down on me to much.

They think a real main character,

Should go save the world and such.


Well raiding characters come and go.

The same with “mains” for PvP.

The only constant in this gang,

Is the Banker, a’la ME.



17 Responses

  1. Awesome Dechion!

    I’m inscribing a copy onto a scroll for my bank alt to treasure always!

  2. This is starting my day out right! /smiles

  3. So you’re the bastard undercutting me?! 😉

    Nice work, man. 🙂

  4. /clap clap

  5. makes me wanta go out and get my banker some nice clothes or something special!! /bravo

  6. @everyone

    Thanks, I’m glad you liked it.

    Oddly enough it got me to thinking.

    There is one toon that sits safely in town, sending everyone else out to do the dirty work.

    They all mail him back anything of value, cash included.

    All the others get to keep an allowance on them, this banker toon gets the rest.

    If I didn’t know better I would think he was the boss or something…..

  7. Hee. I liked this a lot.

  8. Awesome stuff, cheered me up first thing this morning.

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