Here we go again.

There are a few folks out in the nether that may just think I am nuts. 

I already have four level 80’s. 

Two Hunters whom I truly enjoy playing, one on each side of the fence. They are without a doubt the class that has clicked with me the most  in this game. 

A Priest that I am somewhat burned out on right now. This comes thanks to running holy through enough heroics to buy full T-9 as well as damn near every heirloom in the game. I can only heal pugs for so long before I need a break. 

Last (and in this case least) would be my Death Knight. I leveled her up to 80 playing purely solo and found it pretty fun. Then I started grouping once I got to 80…. Melee Dps is just not my thing. Tanking? well thats another post entirely. Lets just say I did not care for the way I saw my attitude towards it forming. 

What’s the point of all this you ask? Glad to oblige. 

Pretty soon I shall be moving my Draenai Hunter from my main server over to a server with some  friends on it.  

Side rant:  I refuse to call them “real life” friends. Yes we know each other outside the game, yes our kids have played together, we have camped together and gone out to dinner. Those kind of things that friends do. I have several friends in the digital world that I would enjoy doing the same kind of things with. The reality of distance simply won’t allow it to happen, at least right now. Those I call friends in game are friends just the same. 

 I’ll be going just so I can run with them from time to time, the occasional heroic or whatever is on their plate the evening I show up. It’s simply a lot faster to send a toon over than it is to level a whole new one from scratch. Sending one I am already familiar with will let me just drop in and play without having to relearn the class, as I will still be playing one regularly. 

Unfortunately there is a problem with the whole plan. It will leave me without an Alliance side Hunter on my main server. You know, for that whole “I like to play Hunters and now mine will be a slightly dusty alt on another server” thing. 

The solution is simple. 

A bit of bank alt shuffling to make room on the creation screen and voila! 

Decado, Dwarven Hunter and newest member of the team was born. 

Well, if'n I had ta get caught blinkin' at least Rufus was too.

There is a lot I forgot about low level Huntering that I am having to relearn. I don’t grossly outgear the content I am running through. I don’t have a trick for all occasions. 

No traps, no misdirect, no feign death, no glyphs, hell Rufus doesn’t even have his first talent point yet. 

I had almost forgotten what is looked like to zone in for the first time. To be stone broke, dressed in rags, and weilding vendor trash. Granted that only lasted till I made it to the mailbox. Still, when was the last time you sorted through your vendor trash greys looking for upgrades? (and finding them?)

It’s like a whole new game again somehow.

I’m having the time of my life. 

Now I understand why Brigwyn reboots from time to time.