Nine things I would like to see in Cataclysm

Yes it’s a little early for this.

Then again if you have been her a while you know I just kinda write whatever is on my mind on a given day.

I ramble before my morning coffee, sue me.


Here, in no particular order, are a few things I would love to see in Cataclysm.


An account bound (or guild bound) trinket called  “reins of the swaybacked plowhorse”. Remember the old slow mounts? The ones you used to get at level 40, then 30, and then they finally were replaced by the improved slow mount at 20? This trinket would have an “on use” to call one of those long out to pasture mounts out of retirement to give your lowbie a lift.

I don’t know about you but I would dump a pile of emblems on anything to keep me from riding the shoe leather express for twenty levels with every new alt.


The ability to reorganize the list of characters on my sign in screen. I would love to be able to put my 80’s together as a group, followed by the alts I am actively leveling, with the banker at the bottom.

I know it’s kind of a petty thing to really be hoping for, but dammit how hard can it actually be?


The ability to mail Heirlooms from one server to another. They say it’s in the works, but then again so is the dance studio.


While I am dreaming how about a separate bank tab. One open to all characters on the same Battlenet account. Hell, even if it only stored Heirlooms and cash it would go a long way towards making starting a new alt somewhere easier.

As an added bonus this tab could be made individually password protected. If nothing else it would protect the bulk of my savings from any kind of hacking, including one of those new man in the middle attacks.


A Cross server friends list. I have met way to many good people through the dungeon finder that I never get to speak to again.  If I can ignore people from another server I should be able to friend them as well.


While I am whining how about cross server chat? I don’t know how it would be implemented, but it would be nice.


Remember the swaybacked plowhorse I talked about a minute ago? Well, change that. Give it the same functionality, but make it an old beat down pony.

That way Ghostcrawler can finally say he gave us one.


I suppose while I am asking for a pony I can also wish upon a star for the Hunter pet taming questline to be redesigned to actually teach new Hunters to use their pet. While we are at it move it to like level 3 or so. Fewer bad habits will be formed in those first ten levels of melee huntering.


I would love to see some major love to my most favorite of all professions, Engineering. However I doubt I will actually see much. Maybe a few crafted bullets, possibly a new crafted gun or two. The chopper was their greates chance to do something cool for Engineers and they blew that by making it a BoE and charging 500G for the pattern.

I once used it for the goggles and the bombs. Now the goggles can be replaced with better by running a few heroics and I am afraid to use bombs on anything because I don’t want to accidently exploit some mechanic and catch a ban for it.

Simply put everything worth having will be BoE,  so no point in having the skill.

I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it.


I would come up with more, but now is not the time. Perhaps I’ll do full posts on what I would like to see with Engineering and Huntering at a later time.

For now my coffee has finished brewing, it time for me to fly.



21 Responses

  1. I would love to see a shared banking system and a cross-realm chat system. Those would be extremely useful, considering the new tools Blizzard has given us.

    I’m currently doing Skinning/Mining, but I’ve been wanting to switch to Engineering for awhile. I wonder what the benefits are for a tank. Hm…

  2. I’d like to see the epic engineering flying mount craftable with Wrath and/or soon to be Cata mats. Having to go back and farm like mad for the ubercopter was such a pain. Where if it was just Saronite and cobalt, and maybe a few eternals, I’d be laughing.

    • The day the rotflcopter went live I logged in standing next to the trainer with all the mats in my bags.

      I scanned the AH before I crafted… and sold everything for a huge profit.

      They want me to spend a butt-ton of money crafting a flying mount it better have a passenger seat.

      *makes note of that for later eng things I want to see post*

  3. … or just have it so you can purchase the ‘Tome of Been There Done That’… for say 10g?

  4. i too would love to see a cross realm friends list,. i’ve meet people who are very nice on randoms, but the only way i will probably ever talk to them again would be if i made a toon on their server. the account bank and ability to reorganize toons? check, they sound great

  5. You can’t reorder your characters?

    Of course you can!

    My mate did it the other day, all you need USA bucket load of RL cash…

    Transfer characters off server… Transfer back, rename as desired…

    I still can’t beleive he did this, but he’s a little bit anal….

  6. thank you friend for the information .. very interesting ..

    Edit: link removed

  7. 1) Make the friend/ignore-list bigger, way bigger, and allow grouping and while we are at it, make it possible to whisper to those groups or all
    2) A boa-trinket that summons a level80-t10-tank that boosts me through every dungeon
    3) If you leave a dungeon before the “debuff” wears off you can’t use any of your toons for an hour (I’m in a good mood right now, but if you had asked me yesterday I would have said 1 week because I waisted at least 2 hours in dungeons waiting for replacements because either the tank or healer left – but found a new friend in a mage, we almost 2manned Razorfen Kraul (me hunter) trapping/shepping mobs and using ping-pong-aggro – we were both 26).
    4) The dungeonfinder allows me to look for any dungeon (I still have a yellow quest to kill Arugal, but since I’m 27 it won’t allow me to find a group)
    5) Engineering is ok right now, sucks that the chopper is BoE. Please blizzard, I don’t want to lose all my goblin-recipes but I want to be able to build arrows AND bullets.
    6) Not only teach hunters/warlocks/deathknights more about pets but teach all classes about stats (seriously a hunter passed on a +18agi-pole but rolled need on a +15str-axe … and another hunter rolled need on a str/sta-ring against my tank) there should be an ingame-ratingbuster which prevents you from rolling need if below a certain point

    • I absolutely agree, the dungeonfinder needs to have all of its limits removed. If a level 80 wants to gather a group for Wailing caverns why artificially prevent him/her. I think they should add another check-box for “over-level” or “run-through” or something so that if you are overleveled for an instance you can state it.

      p.s. what is that “willing to be a guide” checkbox useful for? You get a “dungeonguide” moniker but nothing is any different than usual?

    • I think there was at some point going to be an extra incentive to be the group leader. That part never made it to live servers that I know of.

      Honestly I have no idea why it’s there.

  8. engineers have an auction house in dalaran

    nuff said 🙂

    • True that, I use it all the time actually. It helps to be able to to scan while I wait for the LFD to find me a heroic.

  9. Funny thing is, we were ‘promised’ a cross faction, cross realm, cross game chat through the IM feature they were going to launch. Last I checked (month or two back) we’re getting it with SCII, but.. then again.. supposedly we were getting a lot that we never did.

    To expand on the cross faction bit – From what I know, if you had friends on your friends list, no matter what faction they were on, you could IM them ingame through the feature.

    • I remember that as well.

      I really hope they are working out the bugs through testing in SC2 and will patch it into WoW with Cataclysm or shortly thereafter.

      Blizzard gets us as customers by making great games, they can keep more of us longer by playing the social media angle as well.

  10. Actually I am pretty sure that you will be able to cross-realm chat with the new changes coming up. You will even be able to chat with your friends playing StarCraft 2 (or Diablo 3).

    • I certainly hope so.

      If nothing else I have friends scattered across 4 or 5 servers. I would like to chat with them all from an in game interface of some sort.

  11. Psh…we got a pony. But those damned dirty Argent Squires stole them!

  12. […] Dechion’s Place discusses nine things he’d like to see in Cataclysm. […]

  13. Some of what you’ve already stated as what you’d like to see have already been announced :S

    • Very true, but then again so have the dance studios.

      I’ll believe it’s going live when I actually see it go live. =)

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