Taking five

For those that follow me pretty regularly, you may have noticed something missing lately.

Namely posts.

Well, it’s hard to write a lot about a game I am not really playing all that much right now.


I don’t know exactly whats going on.

Perhaps I am burned out on the Hunter class.

I have already leveled two to 80 and another one to the low 70’s. Maybe leveling yet another one was a bad idea, at least before the great revamp of Cataclysm.


Maybe it has to do with a lot of the folks I enjoy playing the game with are rarely online at the same time as myself. Even when we are it’s not often that we actually get together and run things anymore.

I miss that.

I never was one to do a lot of pugging before the dungeon finder came out, so I never built up a large list of in game friends. I preferred to just chat with guildies, fellow bloggers, and those I know from the real world. In some cases those overlap, in some cases they don’t.


Maybe I am simply feeling very meh about WoW in general right now.

It is not only the slowing down period prior to the expansion but the slowing down period as spring begins, with summer to follow.

I already have two characters running around with perky pugs and full tier 9. The grossly outgear anything I can conceivably run outside of raiding content. Hell, they outgear most of that.

Two characters that are only needing KT and Malygos for the Champion of the Frozen Wastes. Since I don’t raid I doubt I’ll ever see that.

I have three characters with max level fishing and cooking.

I have already farmed up enough gold to see me comfortably through to 85 on all four of my 80’s and the Worgen I plan to roll as well. Enough and to spare.


Perhaps it was telling Altoholic to actually display my total played time across all servers and alts.

Across all the alts I have not deleted at some point I have 200 days played.

Two Hundred Days.

If I started on new years day, and played continuously without a break, it would be the 19th of July before I logged off. If you took into account sleeping 8 hours a day I would be online till the end of October.


Maybe its because I am leveling my new character (a Resto Druid) purely through instancing. That kind of limits me to having an hour or so set aside every time I want to play. If I have less than that I simply don’t log in.

I suppose I could go out in the world and quest and stuff.  I don’t know how well that would work out for a mid 20’s healer, though I seem to recall absolutely despising it on my priest until I got shadow form. Perhaps once I get to 40 and pick up dual spec i’ll go find out.


Whatever the reasons I simply dont’ have much to talk about anymore.

Perhaps that will change.

Perhaps it won’t.

Perhaps I just need a break.


That sounds like a good idea.

I am going to go take myself a break while I go hunting for my muse.

Once I find her, assuming I do, I’ll be back.

Until then I’m taking five.


Whether I come back or not I want to thank all those who have made this worthwhile.

You, the readers.

Thanks for keeping me company for the last two years,

It’s been a hellava ride.




6 Responses

  1. I guess it will happen to everyone of us. At some point. I’m not quite there yet, but one day the Grey Havens will call me too.

    Thanks for letting us follow you on your path for this long.

    Farewell. And plese feel free to drop buy anytime. You know where to find me.

    hugs from your blogging fellow

  2. It’s amazing how long we’ve played this game for (many of us at least)

    Sooner or later you get bored with a game, I’m rather amazed we’ve come so far before feeling the need to cut down a bit. It’s been a pleasure reading your blog, and I hope you find that spark again. If not, you’ll probably find something else ..

  3. Find enjoyment where you can, and when you can. If your road wanders back into wow I hope to be able to follow along here still. Terrible lurker I rarely every comment

  4. I’ve only been reading your blog for a short time, but it’s been a pretty good read. I’m selfishly sorry to hear that you’re toning down, but we’ve all been down the road you’re on at some point or another (game wise).

    Thanks for writing this blog, thanks for admitting that you’re having a hard time with WoW and not pretending everything is ok because you HAVE to keep your audience happy (my previous GM was like this, she ran a podcast and couldn’t/wouldn’t quit even though she’d had it with WoW).

    Hopefully your muse, in whatever form she chooses, comes back to you soon 🙂

  5. Just to clarify, I am still playing Wow. Not nearly as much mind you, but I am still playing. I simply don’t have much to write about at this point.

    I figure it’s far better to take a break and come back at it fresh and re-energised than to try to force it.

    I love writing so I am sure I will be back at it, it’s just a matter of how long it takes to recharge the batteries so to speak.

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