Thoughts on Cataclysm’s class changes

It’s been an interesting week, thats for sure.

The posts on the proposed changes to every class other than the Paladin are up now. I have had a chance to read over them and start thinking about where the ones that effect me are headed.

You see, I don’t really need the specifics of a given class to see where they are going. Thats what these previews are for. They are a teaser, not an in-depth analysis.

I am not just talking about something so simple as Warlocks no longer having to go shard farming before a raid night.

Nor am I going to go into Hunters no longer consuming ammo or getting pets at level one.

Heaven forbid I start in on the complete gutting and rebuilding of the combat resource systems for Hunters and Death Knights.

I am not going to go raging off the deep end about the proposed changes to Resto Druids.

I am using these in much the same way I use a thirty second movie trailer to decide what I want to come back and see.  I am using these previews to see the general direction that the different classes are heading in Cataclysm, mostly to decide which alts need leveling and which will be left in limbo.

Like a lot of people I am excited about the changes, and yet apprehensive at the same time. 

Not only are my favorite classes going to play completely differently, every class and spec will.

The Cataclysm will come, whether we are ready or not.

Once again everyone, regardless of class, spec, or level, will all be in the same boat.

We will all be learning to play all over again.

I for one can’t wait.



One Response

  1. I’m glad I had a tasty cup of coffee with me when I read this post. It’s like having coffee with a friend!

    I was thinking of Cataclysm a while back and thinking along the same lines as you, how we’ll be learning to play all over again and how in my mind, it will be like a reset button. Not quite in the sense that we’ll be starting from lv1 or anything like that but how everyone will be back on the level grind. As a result, no more calls of “noob” or “yur dps sucks” or fail this and fail that. Egos and Epeen will be getting hit with the nerf bat and for that I celebrate!

    /cheers with coffee cup!

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